Colorado Highlights

According to electronicsmatter, Colorado is a state full of literal highlights: there are 54 mountain peaks that reach above 4200 meters. The views that you can admire in this city are phenomenal. Moreover, the different landscapes provide a true color spectacle.

Traffic In Colorado And The Surrounding Area

In a state as colorful as Colorado, driving is a sight to behold. As you follow the mountain trails, enjoy breathtaking vistas, such as from the Mount Evans Scenic Byway. This paved road is located at an altitude of almost 4400 meters and is open from the beginning of June to the beginning of October. The road is narrow in many places and there are no guardrails, so take your time if you still want to drive this spectacular route. You will be richly rewarded with a view over the snowy peaks of the other 53 ‘fourteeners’.

Interstate 25 is a north-south connection that connects all major cities east of the Rocky Mountains. You drive here through a beautiful valley from where you have a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains. Through a desolate landscape you pass cities such as Kansas, Colorado Springs, Denver and Fort Collins. The route is 485 km long and has forks to almost unpopulated areas that often resemble a desert.

Although driving in America does not differ much from driving in the Netherlands, it is a completely different experience. For example, the roads are wider, which means that you often drive on a four- to six-lane road in urban areas. In America it is allowed to overtake both left and right, so keep a good look around you. And although there are generally more cars on the road, driving is much quieter. You are allowed to drive between 40 and 70 km/h on urban roads, a limit that rises to 96 to 120 km/h on the highways.

Visit The Cultural Mesa Verde National Park

Mesa Verde National Park is located in the extreme southwest of the state. It is the only National Park that received its status because of its interesting archaeological finds. An Indian tribe lived here until the thirteenth century. In the park you can imagine the way of life and culture of this Ancestral Pueblo. Five large settlements have been built in sheltered places and in the niches of the ravines. The houses are included on the UNESCO World Heritage List and some can be visited with a guide. If you want to learn more about the Indian tribes, you can visit the Chapin Mesa Museum. In this archaeological museum you will learn about the life of the Native Americans and watch a film about the history of the Mesa Verda. From here you also take the walk directly to the Spruce Tree House.

Put Your Feet In The Sand Of The Great Sand Dunes National Park

These tallest sand dunes are located in the remote San Luis Valley. In the background are the rugged mountains of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains that belong to the Rocky Mountains. You can enter this entire area at your own leisure: no special paths have been laid out. It is recommended to visit the dunes in the morning or evening so that you do not suffer from the heat or the hot sand under your bare feet. When there is enough water, you can cool off in the seasonal river Medano Creek. Surfing, splashing and skimboarding are among the possibilities. The sand dunes in this National Park are different from those we know in the Netherlands. In this landscape you have more the idea of ​​standing in a desert.

The Great Sand Dunes National Park

Discover The Wild West In Modern Denver

Get into your rental car to discover Colorado’s capital city. Denver is a combination of the mysterious Wild West and a charming, hip city. Here you can stroll past captivating boutiques. The Denver Art Museum is a special building. It consists of two parts: the fortress-like North Building and the Hamilton Building, which resembles a titanium crystal. Here you will find a large collection of contemporary art, but also an extensive collection of Native American art.

For fun, visit Lower Downtown and Larimer Square. These streets are lined with historic buildings, old saloons and Victorian homes. Also visit Rockmount Ranch Wear here to buy a genuine American cowboy hat or shirt.

Denver is also home to the former home of the unsinkable Molly Brown. This beautiful Victorian home of the most famous Titanic survivor is now a museum.



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