Cochiti Lake, New Mexico Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to, Cochiti Lake, New Mexico is a small town located in Sandoval County, just north of Albuquerque. The town is surrounded by several other cities and towns that offer visitors and locals plenty of attractions to explore.

To the east of Cochiti Lake lies the city of Santa Fe, the capital city of New Mexico. This historic city offers plenty of attractions such as its historic plaza, art galleries, museums and restaurants. Santa Fe also has many outdoor activities such as hiking in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains or exploring the Rio Grande River.

To the south lies Bernalillo, a small town known for its cultural heritage with several historical sites and monuments to visit. Visitors can explore the local churches and museums or take part in outdoor activities like kayaking on the Rio Grande River or exploring nearby wildlife refuges.

To the west lies Rio Rancho, a growing city with plenty to offer visitors including shopping centers, restaurants, parks and more. There are many outdoor activities here such as biking trails along with golf courses and ski resorts nearby.

Finally, to the north lies Corrales, a rural village known for its unique adobe homes and farms set among cottonwood trees along the banks of the Rio Grande River. Visitors can enjoy outdoor activities like horseback riding through Corrales’ nature trails or take part in local events like art shows at Corrales’ Cultural Center.

Overall, Cochiti Lake is surrounded by several interesting cities and towns that offer visitors plenty of attractions to explore while visiting this area of New Mexico!

Cochiti Lake, New Mexico

Population of Cochiti Lake, New Mexico

Cochiti Lake, New Mexico is a small town located in Sandoval County, just north of Albuquerque. The town has a total population of 2,938 people according to the 2010 Census. The majority of the population is made up of Hispanic or Latino residents, accounting for 77.5% of the population. The remaining 22.5% is made up mostly of white non-Hispanic residents.

The median age in Cochiti Lake is 34 years old and the median household income is $46,039 according to the 2010 Census. Most residents are employed in industries such as manufacturing, construction, retail trade and health care and social assistance services.

The town also has a large number of families with children living below the poverty line; approximately 38% of families with children under 18 are living below poverty level according to the 2010 Census data. However, there are many resources available for those who need them including local food banks and homeless shelters as well as government assistance programs such as SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program).

Overall, Cochiti Lake has a diverse population that includes Hispanic or Latino residents as well as white non-Hispanic residents who come from various backgrounds and cultures. There are many resources available for those who need them which makes this town an ideal place for those looking for a safe and welcoming community to call home!

Schools and Education in Cochiti Lake, New Mexico

According to ACT-TEST-CENTERS, Cochiti Lake, New Mexico is served by the Jemez Mountain School District. The district consists of four schools: Cochiti Elementary School, Jemez Valley Middle School, Jemez Valley High School and the Jemez Valley Early Childhood Center.

Cochiti Elementary School is a K-5 school that offers a variety of educational services to students, including special education and English language learner programs. The school also offers after-school activities such as sports teams and clubs.

Jemez Valley Middle School is a 6-8 grade school that provides an academically rigorous curriculum in core subjects such as math and science, as well as electives that range from music to technology.

Jemez Valley High School is a 9-12 grade school that offers students the opportunity to take advanced placement classes as well as career and technical education courses in areas such as automotive technology and welding. The school also has several sports teams including basketball, football, volleyball and track & field.

The Jemez Valley Early Childhood Center serves pre-kindergarten through 2nd grade students with an emphasis on early childhood development. The center provides a safe learning environment for young children where they can explore their interests while building strong foundations for academic success.

Overall, Cochiti Lake’s schools offer an excellent education to its residents with an emphasis on providing each student with the best possible learning experience tailored to their individual needs.

Places of Interest in Cochiti Lake, New Mexico

Cochiti Lake, New Mexico is a great place for outdoor recreation and relaxation. The area is home to a variety of attractions, from wildlife viewing to fishing and camping. One of the most popular activities is boating on the lake itself. Visitors can rent boats or bring their own, and explore the lake from the comfort of their vessels. There are plenty of spots to fish, with bass, catfish, and trout being among the species found in the waters. For those looking for a more relaxed experience, there are plenty of spots along the shoreline that offer stunning views of the lake and surrounding landscape. Visitors can also take advantage of various hiking trails around Cochiti Lake to explore its natural beauty. The nearby Pueblo de Cochiti is also worth exploring; visitors can learn about its history and culture while seeing some impressive ancient architecture.

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