Chevak, Alaska Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to, Chevak, Alaska is a small city located in the southwestern region of the state. It is bordered by the towns of Hooper Bay to the north, Emmonak to the east, and St. Mary’s to the south. The nearby Kuskokwim River serves as an important transportation route for local residents as well as visitors from other parts of Alaska and beyond.

The town of Hooper Bay is located just 10 miles north of Chevak and has a population of about 1,300 people. It is known for its traditional Yup’ik subsistence lifestyle and its vibrant culture which includes art, music, and dance. Hooper Bay also offers a variety of outdoor activities including fishing, hunting, hiking, snowmobiling, and more!

Emmonak lies just 25 miles east of Chevak and has a population of around 800 people. It is home to one of Alaska’s largest salmon fisheries which provides employment for many locals as well as supports an array of businesses in town including restaurants, stores, lodges, and more! Emmonak also boasts some beautiful scenery with views out over the Bering Sea as well as rolling hills covered in tundra vegetation.

St Mary’s lies to the south at roughly 50 miles away from Chevak with a population around 800 people. This small village is known for its traditional Yup’ik culture which includes carving masks that are used in dances during festivals held throughout the year. St Mary’s also offers visitors plenty of outdoor activities such as fishing on the Yukon River or exploring nearby trails that lead out into some incredible landscapes where you can spot animals like caribou or moose!

Overall, Chevak is surrounded by several smaller towns each with their own unique history and culture that provide visitors with plenty to explore while visiting this part of Alaska!

Chevak, Alaska

Population of Chevak, Alaska

According to Bestitude, Chevak, Alaska is a small city with a population of approximately 902 people according to the 2020 census. The majority of the population is Alaska Native, with the largest group being Yup’ik Eskimos, followed by Inupiat and Aleut peoples.

The city has seen steady growth in recent years as more people flock to the area for its unique culture and outdoor activities. The median age of Chevak’s population is 26.7, which is lower than the national average. This indicates that there are many young families in the area who are looking for opportunities to move and settle down in this part of Alaska.

The majority of the population can speak English fluently, however many also speak Yup’ik or other native languages as their primary language. There are also several other languages spoken in Chevak including Spanish and Russian due to its proximity to other countries.

Chevak’s economy is largely supported by fishing and tourism industries as well as subsistence activities like hunting and gathering traditional foods like fish, seal, caribou, and berries which have been passed down through generations.

The city also has a diverse educational system with four public schools ranging from elementary through high school levels that serve students from all backgrounds and cultures within Chevak’s community. The local community college offers vocational training programs for those interested in furthering their education or pursuing a career related to their field of study.

Overall, Chevak’s population is made up of individuals from diverse backgrounds who come together to create a vibrant culture that celebrates tradition while embracing progress and growth!

Schools and Education in Chevak, Alaska

Chevak, Alaska is home to four public schools that serve the community. The schools range from elementary to high school levels and are part of the Yukon-Kuskokwim School District.

The elementary school, Chevak Elementary, serves students in grades Kindergarten through 5th grade and provides a comprehensive educational program that includes language arts, math, science, social studies and physical education. The school also offers after-school activities such as sports teams and arts classes.

The middle school in Chevak is called Chevak Middle School and it serves students in grades 6th through 8th. The curriculum at this level focuses on providing students with a solid foundation for their future academic endeavors by introducing them to core subjects such as math, science and English Language Arts as well as more advanced topics like history and foreign languages.

Chevak High School is the city’s only high school and serves students in grades 9th through 12th. The curriculum here focuses on preparing students for college or other post-secondary education by offering courses in a wide range of subjects including business, computer science, English language arts and more.

The local community college also offers vocational training programs for those interested in furthering their education or pursuing a career related to their field of study. Some of the available programs include automotive technology, health services administration, cosmetology and culinary arts among others.

Overall, the educational system in Chevak provides its citizens with access to quality education that prepares them for success both academically as well as professionally!

Places of Interest in Chevak, Alaska

Chevak, Alaska is a small city located in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta region of the state. With a population of just over 1,200 people, it is a small but vibrant community that offers plenty of attractions and activities for visitors to enjoy.

One of the most popular attractions in Chevak is the Chevak Cultural Center. This center houses a variety of artifacts, artwork and other items that tell the story of the area’s history and culture. The center also hosts events such as traditional Native dances and storytelling sessions throughout the year.

The nearby Chevak River also provides plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation such as fishing, boating and swimming. The river is also home to numerous species of wildlife including moose, beavers and bald eagles which can often be spotted from its banks.

For those looking for more leisurely pursuits, there are several parks in town that offer picnic areas, playgrounds and walking trails. One park in particular stands out – the Chevak City Park – which boasts beautiful views of Lake Iliamna as well as plenty of open space for visitors to explore.

Finally, no visit to Chevak would be complete without visiting one (or more!) of its many museums including the Chevak Historical Museum which features exhibits on local history as well as exhibits on Native Alaskan culture and art. There is also an aviation museum located at nearby Bethel Airport which showcases vintage aircrafts from around Alaska’s past.

Overall, there are plenty of places to explore in Chevak that will provide visitors with an enjoyable experience while learning about this unique part of Alaska!

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