Chamberlain, South Dakota Population, Schools and Places of Interest

Chamberlain, South Dakota is a small city located in central South Dakota along the Missouri River. It is the county seat of Brule County and has a population of approximately 2,000 people. The city is situated in a rural area and is surrounded by small towns and villages. To the east lies the town of Kimball, which is home to about 1,200 people. Just south of Chamberlain lies the village of Oacoma with a population of about 500. Further south lies the town of Presho with about 700 residents.

To the west of Chamberlain lies Lake Francis Case which is a large reservoir created by dams on the Missouri River. This lake offers some excellent recreation opportunities such as boating, fishing, swimming, and camping. There are also several parks located along its shores such as Spring Creek Recreation Area and Fort Randall Dam National Fish Hatchery which is home to many species of fish including walleye and northern pike.

To the north lies Lower Brule Indian Reservation which was established in 1889 for members of Lower Brule Sioux Tribe. This reservation encompasses over 400 square miles and includes several sites that are important to Native American culture such as Medicine Mountain National Historic Landmark which features petroglyphs carved into rock walls by Native Americans hundreds or even thousands years ago.

The city itself offers plenty to do for visitors including several museums like Brule County Historical Museum or Akta Lakota Museum & Cultural Center which showcases artifacts from various tribes who have lived in this region throughout history. There are also many outdoor activities such as golfing at Chamberlain Country Club or visiting parks like Niobrara State Park or Fort Randall Dam Recreation Area where visitors can enjoy camping, fishing, picnicking, and more.

Chamberlain may be a small town but it has so much offer visitors! From its rich history to its outdoor activities; there’s something for everyone here! Whether you’re looking for educational museums or outdoor adventures; Chamberlain has it all!

Chamberlain, South Dakota

Population of Chamberlain, South Dakota

Chamberlain, South Dakota is a small city with a population of approximately 2,000 people. Located in the rural area of Brule County, it is surrounded by small towns and villages. The nearby town of Kimball has a population of 1,200 people and the village of Oacoma has 500 people. The town of Presho is located further south with 700 residents.

The majority of Chamberlain’s population is white (87%), with Native American (4%), African American (2%), Asian (1%) and other races making up the remaining 6%. There is also a notable Hispanic population in the city which makes up 4% of its total population. The median age in Chamberlain is 44 years old which is slightly higher than the national median age which stands at 38 years old.

Chamberlain also has a high percentage of residents who are married or living together as couples compared to the rest of the United States; more than half (51%) are married or living together as couples while only 43% are single. Additionally, 22% have children under 18 living with them while 78% do not have children living with them.

The average household size in Chamberlain is 2.33 people per household and the average family size is 3 people per family. The median income for households in Chamberlain was $41,959 in 2018; this was slightly lower than the national median income which was $61,937 during that same year. Additionally, 17% of households were below poverty level compared to 14% for all US households during that same year.

Overall, Chamberlain’s population consists mostly of white married couples who have above average incomes but are still below poverty level when compared to all US households during that same year; these families tend to have fewer children than those found across America as well as smaller household sizes overall.

Schools and Education in Chamberlain, South Dakota

According to LIUXERS, Chamberlain, South Dakota is served by the Chamberlain School District and has three schools that provide educational services to the city’s students. The district’s elementary school, Chamberlain Elementary School, serves students from kindergarten through fourth grade. The middle school, Chamberlain Middle School, serves students from fifth through eighth grade and the high school, Chamberlain High School, serves ninth through twelfth grade students.

The district also offers a variety of extracurricular activities for its students including sports teams such as football, basketball and volleyball as well as clubs such as drama club and student council. Additionally, they offer a wide range of art classes such as music and visual arts.

The district strives to ensure that all of their students receive a quality education regardless of their background or financial status by providing free breakfast and lunch to all students in the district during regular school days. Additionally, they offer after-school programs such as tutoring and mentoring to help close any achievement gaps among their student population.

According to recent data provided by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), in 2019 there were 1,039 students enrolled at Chamberlain High School with an average graduation rate of 87%. According to MATERNITYETCHIC, the average SAT score for the 2019 graduating class was 1220 which is slightly above the national average of 1200. Additionally, the average ACT score for this same group was 22 which is also slightly above the national average of 21.

Overall, Chamberlain’s schools provide excellent educational opportunities for its residents; with a high graduation rate, above-average test scores and free meals provided on a daily basis it is easy to see why so many parents choose this district when looking for quality education options for their children.

Places of Interest in Chamberlain, South Dakota

Chamberlain, South Dakota is home to a variety of interesting places and attractions. One of the most popular spots in town is the Akta Lakota Museum and Cultural Center located on the campus of St. Joseph’s Indian School. This museum features a number of exhibits that explore the history and culture of Native Americans, including artifacts, artifacts related to traditional ceremonies, artwork, and more. Additionally, visitors can learn about local plants and wildlife through interactive displays and activities.

The city also boasts a number of outdoor recreational activities for visitors to enjoy. The Chamberlain Recreation Department maintains several parks throughout the city that offer playgrounds, picnic shelters, nature trails, sports fields, and more. The nearby Missouri River provides opportunities for fishing as well as boating and other water activities such as canoeing or kayaking.

The city also has its own golf course which is open to public play. Chamberlain Golf Course offers 18-holes with lush fairways surrounded by native prairie grasses creating a unique experience for golfers looking to enjoy a round in this small town setting.

Finally, there are several unique shopping opportunities in Chamberlain for visitors looking to take home souvenirs or find unique items for their collections. Stop by Prairie Edge Trading Co., an art gallery featuring works from Native American artists from across North America or visit the Chamberlain Antique Mall where you can browse through thousands of antiques from all over the world!

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