Centreville, Mississippi Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to Usaers, Centreville, Mississippi is located in the center of Wilkinson County and is bordered by a number of cities and towns. To the north lies Woodville, which is home to a variety of unique shops and restaurants. Further south lies St. Joseph, which offers visitors a glimpse into rural Mississippi with its historic buildings and old-fashioned charm.

To the east of Centreville lies Magnolia, which is home to Magnolia State University as well as several historic sites such as the Old Courthouse Museum and the Magnolia Plantation House. West of Centreville lies Liberty, which is known for its annual festival that celebrates local history and culture. To learn more about Mississippi, please check Computerdo.

To the southwest lies Gloster, which features several attractions such as Gloster State Park where visitors can enjoy fishing or camping in a scenic setting. Further west lies Natchez, which is full of antebellum homes along with museums that tell the story of this region’s history during slavery times.

All these cities and towns provide visitors to Centreville with plenty to explore nearby. Whether you’re looking for outdoor recreation or want to learn more about local history and culture, there’s something for everyone here in Centreville!

Centreville, Mississippi

Population of Centreville, Mississippi

Centreville, Mississippi is located in the center of Wilkinson County and is home to a population of 2,154 people. The majority of the population is African American, making up 73.3% of the total population. White residents make up 24.3%, while Hispanic residents make up 1.2%.

The median age in Centreville is 34 years old, with 21.9% of the population under 18 years old and 15.1% over 65 years old. The median household income in Centreville is $26,000 per year, with 20% of households living below the poverty line.

Education levels in Centreville are relatively low with only 16.6% of adults having obtained a Bachelor’s degree or higher and 43.5% having obtained a high school diploma or GED equivalent as their highest level of education attained.

Overall, Centreville has a diverse population that reflects its rural setting and offers visitors to the city plenty to explore and learn about its history and culture. With low education levels and high poverty rates, however, it’s clear that there are still many challenges facing this community that need to be addressed in order for it to continue thriving into the future!

Schools and Education in Centreville, Mississippi

Centreville, Mississippi is served by the Wilkinson County School District. The district consists of four public schools and one alternative school. The public schools are Centreville Academy, Centreville Elementary School, Centreville Middle School, and Wilkinson County High School. All four of these schools serve grades K-12 and have a total enrollment of 1,100 students.

The district also offers an alternative school for students who are not able to attend the traditional public schools due to disciplinary issues or other special needs. This school focuses on helping students become successful in their academic pursuits and prepares them for a successful transition into adulthood.

The district also has a variety of extracurricular activities available for students such as sports teams, band programs, art classes, and more. These activities provide students with the opportunity to learn important life skills such as teamwork and discipline that can help them succeed in their future endeavors.

Overall, Centreville’s schools provide its residents with quality education that can help prepare them for college or other post-secondary opportunities after graduation. With a focus on both academics and extracurriculars, the district strives to ensure that all students have the resources they need to succeed both inside and outside of the classroom!

Places of Interest in Centreville, Mississippi

Centreville, Mississippi is a small town located in the southwestern part of the state. The town has a rich history and is home to many landmarks that reflect this past. Some of these include the historic Centreville Courthouse, which was built in 1835 and served as the county seat until 1856 when it was moved to Woodville; the Centreville Presbyterian Church, which was built in 1839; and the Wilkinson County Historical Museum, which houses artifacts from all over the county.

The town also has several notable parks and recreational areas that offer visitors plenty of opportunities for outdoor exploration. These include the Centreville City Park, which features a playground, picnic tables, walking trails, and more; Old Town Square Park, which is home to a gazebo and several monuments commemorating local heroes; and Johnson’s Pond Nature Preserve, which consists of over 200 acres of protected wetlands.

In addition to these natural attractions, Centreville also offers its residents plenty of cultural amenities such as art galleries, museums, theaters, restaurants, shops, and more. The historic downtown area is home to many of these establishments as well as numerous antique stores that offer visitors an opportunity to explore the city’s past through its artifacts.

Overall, Centreville has something for everyone! With its diverse selection of landmarks both old and new visitors can easily explore this small town’s history while enjoying all that it has to offer!

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