Center Harbor, New Hampshire Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to ACRONYMMONSTER.COM, located in the center of New Hampshire’s Lakes Region, Center Harbor is bordered by several other towns and cities. To the north lies Moultonborough, a small town with a population of around 3,000 people. This area is known for its picturesque views of Lake Winnipesaukee and its historic buildings such as the Moultonborough Academy.

To the east lies Meredith, a larger city with a population of over 6,000 people. Meredith is home to many attractions including Winnipesaukee Playhouse which puts on Broadway-style plays and musicals throughout the year. Additionally, there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy such as hiking and biking trails around Lake Waukewan or boating on Lake Winnipesaukee itself.

To the south lies Holderness, another small town with a population of about 2,500 people. This area is known for its abundance of outdoor activities including skiing at Loon Mountain Resort or exploring Squam Lake via kayak or canoe. There are also plenty of restaurants in Holderness serving up delicious seafood dishes from local fishermen as well as classic American fare like burgers and milkshakes.

Finally, to the west lies Bristol, New Hampshire which has a population of about 4,000 people. This town is known for its quaint downtown area featuring unique shops and restaurants as well as nearby attractions such as Wellington State Park where visitors can go swimming or fishing in Wellington Pond.

Center Harbor is surrounded by charming towns and cities offering something for everyone – whether you’re looking for outdoor adventures or cultural attractions like performing arts venues – making it an ideal place to visit or call home!

Center Harbor, New Hampshire

Population of Center Harbor, New Hampshire

According to, located in the center of New Hampshire’s Lakes Region, Center Harbor is a small town with a population of just over 1,000 people. The majority of residents are between the ages of 25 and 44 and the median age is 42. The population is relatively diverse with 24% identifying as Hispanic or Latino, 15% identifying as African American, and 11% identifying as Asian.

Center Harbor has a strong sense of community and there are many organizations dedicated to helping its citizens such as the Center Harbor Food Pantry which provides food assistance to those in need. Additionally, there are several churches located throughout town offering services for various denominations.

The town also features various businesses ranging from restaurants to retail stores as well as professional services such as accountants and lawyers. There are also plenty of recreational activities available including tennis courts, a public beach on Lake Winnipesaukee, and nearby ski slopes like Loon Mountain Resort.

Overall, Center Harbor is a small but vibrant town with plenty to offer its residents. With its close-knit community and abundance of recreational activities, it’s no wonder that so many people choose to make Center Harbor their home!

Schools and Education in Center Harbor, New Hampshire

Center Harbor is served by the Inter-Lakes School District, which consists of two elementary schools, a middle school, and a high school. The district is committed to providing students with an engaging and rigorous learning environment that prepares them for college and life beyond.

The elementary schools offer a variety of classes such as art, music, physical education, and foreign languages. There are also several extracurricular activities available such as sports teams and after-school clubs.

At the middle school level, students have access to more advanced courses in science, math, social studies, and language arts. They can also participate in various clubs and activities like robotics or student government.

Finally, the high school provides students with a comprehensive curriculum that includes college preparation courses such as Advanced Placement (AP) classes as well as career-oriented courses like welding or automotive technology. High schoolers can also take part in various sports teams or join one of the many student organizations.

Overall, Center Harbor has an excellent education system that provides its students with the resources they need to succeed academically and prepare for their future endeavors.

Places of Interest in Center Harbor, New Hampshire

Center Harbor, New Hampshire is a small town with plenty of attractions to explore. From beautiful natural scenery to interesting historical sites, there’s something for everyone in Center Harbor.

One of the most popular spots in Center Harbor is the public beach on Lake Winnipesaukee. Here visitors can enjoy swimming, fishing, and other water activities. There’s also a boat launch and boat rentals available for those who want to explore the lake further.

For those interested in history, the Moultonborough Historical Society Museum is a great place to visit. The museum features exhibits about the area’s history as well as artifacts from various eras. Visitors can also view old photographs and learn about local customs and folklore.

Center Harbor is also home to several parks where visitors can take in some fresh air and soak up some sun. The town has several playgrounds for children as well as walking trails that offer stunning views of the surrounding mountains and lakefront scenery.

Finally, visitors should be sure not to miss out on all of Center Harbor’s unique shopping opportunities. From antique stores to specialty boutiques, there are plenty of places to browse for souvenirs or pick up some local crafts or products.

Overall, Center Harbor offers a variety of attractions that appeal to all kinds of travelers and locals alike!

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