Cedar Hill, Tennessee Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to Usaers, Cedar Hill, Tennessee is located in Robertson County, just east of Nashville. The city borders the towns of White House and Springfield to the north, Cross Plains to the east, Greenbrier to the south, and Ridgetop and Coopertown to the west.

White House is a small town that was originally known as Embreeville before it was renamed in 1871. It is home to a variety of unique attractions such as its historic downtown area with several antique stores and shops, a restored train depot from the early 1900s, and an old-fashioned country store. White House also has several parks including White House City Park which features a walking trail along with basketball courts and picnic areas; and Embreeville Park with playgrounds, tennis courts, and baseball fields. To learn more about Tennessee, please check Prozipcodes.

Springfield is located just north of Cedar Hill and is home to a number of historical sites such as Springfield Mansion which was built in 1835; Old Stone Fort State Archaeological Park which houses ancient Native American artifacts; Fort Blount which was built in 1791; and Cedar Hill Cemetery where many Civil War veterans are buried.

Cross Plains lies east of Cedar Hill on Highway 41A and is home to Cross Plains State Park which offers camping sites along with hiking trails that lead through forests full of native wildlife. The park also features an outdoor amphitheater where visitors can enjoy performances from local musicians during summer months.

Greenbrier lies south of Cedar Hill on Highway 41A and has several attractions including Greenbrier Town Square which offers shopping options for antiques, gifts, apparel, jewelry, books and more; Greenbrier Golf Course with its challenging 18-hole course; Greenbrier Lake where visitors can go fishing or boating; historic homes dating back to the 1800s; art galleries featuring local artwork; museums dedicated to local history; plus much more!

Ridgetop lies west of Cedar Hill on Highway 41A and is home to several parks including Ridgetop City Park with its playgrounds for children as well as picnic tables for families looking for a spot for lunch or dinner outdoors. The town also has museums such as Ridgetop Historical Museum which showcases artifacts from World War II as well as Native American artifacts from the area’s earliest inhabitants.

Coopertown lies just west of Ridgetop on Highway 41A and has several attractions including Coopertown Museum which houses exhibits about local history plus a collection of antique cars; Coopertown City Park offering playgrounds for children plus picnic tables ideal for family gatherings or birthday parties outdoors; plus much more!

Cedar Hill, Tennessee

Population of Cedar Hill, Tennessee

Cedar Hill, Tennessee is a small town located in Robertson County. It has a population of just over 1,000 people according to the 2010 census. The town is situated between two major cities, Nashville and Clarksville, making it a great place to live for those who want to enjoy the benefits of both urban and rural life.

The majority of the population of Cedar Hill is White (78%), followed by African American (14%), Hispanic (3%), Asian (2%), and other races/ethnicities (3%). The median household income in Cedar Hill is $48,000 per year, with an average household size of 2.9 people. The median age in the town is 40 years old.

The town’s economy relies mostly on agriculture, forestry and logging industries as well as manufacturing and tourism. There are several local businesses in Cedar Hill that provide employment opportunities for residents such as retail stores, restaurants, construction companies and more.

Cedar Hill’s educational system consists of two public schools: one elementary school and one middle school. The elementary school offers grades K-5 while the middle school serves students from grades 6-8. In addition to public schools, there are also several private schools located in or near Cedar Hill that offer various educational programs for students of all ages.

The community spirit in Cedar Hill is strong with many residents taking part in various activities throughout the year such as festivals and parades on Independence Day or Christmas Eve; annual community events like fairs or concerts; plus many more! Residents also enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing at nearby lakes or exploring nearby parks like Embreeville Park which features playgrounds, tennis courts and baseball fields.

Overall, Cedar Hill provides its residents with a welcoming atmosphere full of friendly people who appreciate their small-town lifestyle while still having access to larger urban areas when needed. With its diverse population living peacefully together along with its strong economy providing employment opportunities for all ages; Cedar Hill truly offers something for everyone!

Schools and Education in Cedar Hill, Tennessee

Cedar Hill, Tennessee is home to two public schools: one elementary school and one middle school. The elementary school, located in the center of town, offers grades K-5 and provides a safe, nurturing environment for all students. The school has been recognized for its innovative teaching methods and strong academic programs. Students are exposed to a rigorous curriculum that includes math, science, reading/language arts, social studies and physical education. Additionally, the elementary school offers a variety of extracurricular activities such as clubs and sports teams.

The middle school serves students from grades 6-8 and provides them with an array of challenging classes in the core subjects as well as electives such as music, art and drama. The middle school also has an impressive selection of extracurricular activities including sports teams and student clubs like debate or chess club.

In addition to the public schools in Cedar Hill there are also several private schools located in or near the town that offer various educational programs tailored to different ages and learning styles. These private schools include both religious-based and secular institutions with programs ranging from early childhood education through high school graduation.

The educational system in Cedar Hill is committed to providing quality education for all students regardless of their background or ability level. All teachers at both public schools are certified by the state of Tennessee; additionally each teacher undergoes regular professional development training throughout their career to ensure they remain up-to-date on best practices in teaching and learning.

Cedar Hill takes pride in its commitment to education with many local organizations offering scholarships or grants for higher education or specialized training after graduation from high school or college. These organizations include business associations, churches, community groups as well as individual donors who want to help local youth pursue their dreams after graduation from Cedar Hill’s excellent educational system!

Places of Interest in Cedar Hill, Tennessee

Cedar Hill, Tennessee is a small town located in the hills of East Tennessee. It is a peaceful, rural area with plenty of natural beauty and quiet charm. The town has several landmarks that make it a great place to visit and explore.

One of the most recognizable landmarks in Cedar Hill is the historic Cedar Hill Inn. Built in 1815, the inn was once a popular stagecoach stop for travelers passing through the area. The inn still stands and has been beautifully restored to its original charm with many of its original features intact including an old-fashioned barroom complete with antique furnishings and decor.

The Cedar Hill Cemetery is another landmark that is well known in the area. Established in 1878, this cemetery contains many unique gravestones and monuments as well as some interesting stories behind them such as those of local Civil War veterans who are buried there. It’s also home to several memorials dedicated to fallen soldiers from World War I and World War II.

The Cedar Hill Baptist Church is another landmark worth visiting when you’re in town. Built in 1873, this church has served as an important spiritual center for generations of Cedar Hill residents who have attended services here for over a century now! The church also serves as a meeting point for local civic organizations such as the volunteer fire department, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H Clubs and more.

Last but not least, there are several other landmarks located around town including two historical homes: The William Jernigan House which was built in 1845 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places; and The John Akins House which dates back to 1840. There’s also an old railroad bridge that was constructed in 1899 that still stands today although no trains pass through it anymore!

No matter what your interests are when you visit Cedar Hill you’re sure to find something interesting to explore! From historical sites to natural wonders there’s something for everyone here so come out and experience all that this beautiful small town has to offer!

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