Carrollton, Mississippi History, Economy and Politics

Carrollton, Mississippi is a small town located in the northeastern corner of the state. It is situated on the banks of the Big Black River and is surrounded by rolling hills and wooded areas. The area is known for its natural beauty and abundance of wildlife. Visit Thedresswizard to learn about Adams County, Mississippi.

The geography of Carrollton consists mainly of flat terrain with some low-lying hills. The soil here is rich and fertile, allowing for a variety of crops to be grown in the area. The town also has access to numerous recreational activities such as fishing, hunting, canoeing, and hiking.

Carrollton experiences all four seasons with warm summers and cold winters. The average annual temperature is around 65 degrees Fahrenheit and the area receives an average rainfall of around 44 inches per year.

The town is accessible via several major highways including Interstate 20, US Highway 45, and State Route 17. There are also several smaller roads that connect Carrollton to nearby towns such as Vaiden, Winona, Grenada, Belzoni, Cleveland, Lexington, Yazoo City, Durant, Goodman, Houston and others.

Overall, Carrollton’s geography lends itself to a life filled with natural beauty and outdoor activities for its citizens to enjoy year-round. From fishing in the Big Black River or hunting in the surrounding hillsides to hiking along one of many trails or simply taking a leisurely stroll through town – there’s something for everyone in Carrollton!

Carrollton, Mississippi

History of Carrollton, Mississippi

Carrollton, Mississippi has a long and fascinating history. The town was founded in 1837, when the Chickasaw Indian tribe ceded the land to the United States. The town was named after Charles Carroll of Carrollton, Maryland, who was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

In 1844, a railroad line connecting Carrollton with Jackson and Vicksburg was completed and it became a major transportation hub in the region. The railroad brought new businesses and industry to town, which helped fuel its growth. By 1860, there were over 1,500 residents living in Carrollton.

During the Civil War, much of Carrollton’s population fled due to fear of Confederate raids on their homes and businesses. Afterward, many African Americans moved into town from nearby plantations as part of Reconstruction efforts. This influx of new citizens helped shape the city’s culture for decades to come.

In 1901, a tornado struck Carrollton and caused extensive damage to much of the town’s infrastructure. Despite this setback, many citizens remained determined to rebuild their homes and businesses in order to move forward with progress for their community.

Today, Carrollton is a small but vibrant town with deep roots in its past. Its downtown area is filled with historic buildings that still stand as a testament to its rich history. From its beginnings as an agricultural center during Reconstruction to its current status as an important hub for commerce and industry – Carrollton has come a long way since its founding almost 200 years ago!

Economy of Carrollton, Mississippi

Carrollton, Mississippi has a thriving economy that is built on a foundation of agriculture, industry, and tourism. Agriculture has been an important part of the town’s economy since its founding in 1837, and it continues to be one of the main sources of income for many local residents today.

The area around Carrollton is particularly known for its cotton production, which is sold in markets throughout the state. Additionally, the town is home to several large poultry farms that provide jobs for many local citizens.

Industry plays an important role in Carrollton’s economy as well. There are several manufacturing plants located here, including a furniture factory that produces products for companies all over the country. Additionally, there are two major trucking companies based in town that provide jobs and transportation services to businesses throughout Mississippi.

Tourism is also an important part of Carrollton’s economy. The town is located near several popular tourist destinations such as Natchez Trace State Park and Vicksburg National Military Park – both of which attract visitors from all over the world each year. Additionally, there are numerous restaurants and shops in downtown Carrollton that draw visitors from near and far alike!

All in all, Carrollton has a vibrant and diverse economy that provides employment opportunities for its citizens while also attracting visitors from all over the world each year. From agriculture to industry to tourism – there’s something for everyone here!

Politics in Carrollton, Mississippi

Carrollton, Mississippi is a small town in the heart of the state with a long and rich history. The town has had a long, complicated relationship with politics over the years, though today it is generally considered to be a conservative, Republican-leaning area.

At the state level, Carrollton has been represented in the Mississippi Legislature by mostly Republican lawmakers since Reconstruction. In recent years, local representatives have consistently voted in favor of bills that support conservative values such as lower taxes and limited government regulation.

On the national level, Carrollton has consistently voted for Republican candidates in presidential elections since 2000. In 2016, Donald Trump won the area with nearly 70% of the vote – making it one of his strongest showings in Mississippi.

At the local level, Carrollton’s government is made up of an elected mayor and five-member city council. The mayor serves as the chief executive officer while the city council acts as a legislative body that makes decisions on matters such as zoning laws and tax rates.

Overall, Carrollton is an area that leans heavily towards conservative values and policies – both at home and abroad. This has been reflected in its voting patterns over time and will likely remain unchanged for many years to come!

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