Carnation, Washington Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to ITYPETRAVEL, Carnation is located in the Snoqualmie Valley, just east of Seattle. It is bordered by the Cascade Mountains to the east and the Snoqualmie River to the west. The city of Duvall lies just north of Carnation, while Fall City lies to its south. To the northeast of Carnation is Redmond, a bustling tech hub and home to Microsoft’s headquarters. Further east lies North Bend, a small town that serves as a gateway to Mount Si and other natural wonders in the Cascades. To its southeast is Snoqualmie Pass, a popular ski resort that offers breathtaking views of the surrounding Cascade Mountains. To its southwest lies Issaquah, which offers plenty of shopping and dining opportunities at its historic downtown area. Finally, just outside of Carnation’s city limits lies Snoqualmie itself, home to Salish Lodge & Spa and other attractions for visitors from around the world.

Carnation, Washington

Population of Carnation, Washington

Carnation is a small city located in King County, Washington, with a population of around 1,700 people. The city has experienced steady growth over the last few decades and is now one of the fastest-growing cities in the state. The median age of Carnation’s population is 37.8 years old, slightly higher than the national average. Nearly half of Carnation’s residents are between 25 and 44 years old, with the other half spread out among younger and older age groups. Around 70% of Carnation’s population identifies as white, while 12% identify as Hispanic or Latino and 4% identify as Asian or Pacific Islander. The remaining 14% identify with other racial or ethnic backgrounds.

The majority of Carnation’s residents are employed in professional occupations such as management, business, finance, sales and office support roles; however, there are also many residents who work in construction trades and manufacturing jobs. The median household income in Carnation is $75,000 per year while the median home value is around $500,000. There are also several public schools located within the city limits that serve local students from kindergarten through eighth grade.

Schools and Education in Carnation, Washington

According to Mcat-test-centers, Carnation is served by the Riverview School District, which includes two elementary schools and a middle school. The district also offers a variety of special education services to ensure that all students receive the best possible education. Carnation Elementary School and Tolt Middle School serve grades K-8, while Riverview High School serves grades 9-12. In addition, there are several private schools in the area, including Cascade Christian Academy and St. Michael’s Catholic School.

The district is highly rated and has consistently earned high marks from parents and students alike for its excellent academic programs, committed teachers, and safe learning environment. The district also offers a variety of extracurricular activities including music, art, sports, clubs and more. In addition to traditional classes in math, science and other core subject areas, Riverview High School offers a wide range of advanced placement courses for college-bound students.

Carnation is also home to several local community colleges that offer certificate programs as well as Associate’s degrees in various fields such as business administration, computer science and healthcare management. These colleges are great options for students who are looking to get an education without having to commit to a four-year university program right away.

Places of Interest in Carnation, Washington

Carnation is a small town located in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, offering breathtaking views and plenty of things to do. The city is home to several parks, including Tolt-MacDonald Park which features a large lake with swimming and fishing, as well as hiking trails and picnic spots. The park also offers an off-leash dog area, making it an ideal spot for families with pets.

The city also boasts several museums, art galleries and libraries. Carnation’s Museum of History & Industry houses a variety of interesting exhibits that focus on local history, while the nearby Snoqualmie Valley Museum offers visitors a chance to learn more about the region’s past. The Carnation Library serves as both a place to borrow books and an educational center for all ages.

Carnation is also known for its vibrant arts scene, featuring everything from small art galleries to larger venues such as the Tolt Community Center which hosts concerts and other events throughout the year. There are also several wineries in the area where visitors can sample locally produced wines or take part in wine tastings.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Carnation is home to numerous trails that offer spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. Popular trails include Tolt Hill Trail which offers stunning views from high above Carnation, and Cedar River Trail which follows along an old logging road through a lush forest landscape.

No matter one’s interests or hobbies, there are plenty of places to explore in Carnation!

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