Canaan, Connecticut Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to Biotionary, Canaan, Connecticut is a small town located in the Northwest corner of the state. It is bordered by several towns and cities including Salisbury and Sharon to the north, Kent to the east, Cornwall to the south, and North Canaan to the west.

Salisbury is located just 12 miles from Canaan and it’s home to a number of attractions including Lakeville Lake which offers fishing, swimming, and hiking trails. The town also has many historic buildings such as the White Hart Inn which dates back to 1780.

Sharon is located 16 miles north of Canaan and it’s known for its picturesque landscapes and natural attractions. The Sharon Audubon Center provides educational programs about birds and wildlife as well as nature trails for visitors to explore. The town also has several museums such as the Sharon Historical Society Museum which showcases artifacts from local history.

Kent is located 20 miles east of Canaan and it’s home to some of Connecticut’s most beautiful scenery. Hikers can explore Kent Falls State Park or take a scenic drive along Route 7 where they can admire views of rolling hillsides dotted with farms, forests, streams, and rivers.

Cornwall is located 25 miles south of Canaan and it’s known for its quaint downtown area which features several unique shops selling everything from antiques to handmade crafts. There are also plenty of outdoor activities in Cornwall like fishing at Lake Waramaug or camping at Mohawk Mountain State Park.

Finally, North Canaan is just 5 miles away from Canaan itself so visitors can easily explore both cities in one day. This small town offers a variety of attractions including historic buildings such as the White Hart Inn or galleries like The Smithy Gallery which showcases works by local artists.

Canaan, Connecticut

Population of Canaan, Connecticut

According to, Canaan, Connecticut is a small town located in the Northwest corner of the state. According to the 2010 census, the population of Canaan was 2,567 people. The vast majority of Canaan’s population is white (95%), followed by black (2%), Hispanic (1%), and other races/ethnicities (2%).

The median age of Canaan’s population is 43 years old with a gender breakdown of 52% female and 48% male. The average household size is 2.51 people with 27% of households having children under 18 years old. The median income for households in Canaan is $62,764 with 13% of residents living below poverty level.

Canaan is primarily a rural community with most people living in single-family homes on large lots or acreage. Agriculture plays an important role in the economy as there are many farms and orchards in the area producing fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and more. There are also several small businesses throughout town providing goods and services to residents as well as visitors from neighboring towns and cities.

The town also has several attractions that draw visitors including historic buildings such as the White Hart Inn or galleries like The Smithy Gallery which showcases works by local artists. Visitors can also explore one of the many farmers markets throughout town for fresh produce and handmade crafts.

Schools and Education in Canaan, Connecticut

Canaan, Connecticut is served by Regional School District Number 1 which consists of three elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. The three elementary schools are Lee H. Kellogg School, Canaan Elementary School, and North Canaan Elementary School. These schools serve students in pre-kindergarten through grade five. The middle school is Lee H. Kellogg Middle School which serves grades six through eight. The high school is Housatonic Valley Regional High School which serves grades nine through twelve.

The schools in Canaan provide a quality education to their students with a variety of classes and activities available to them. All three elementary schools have a strong focus on reading, writing, math, science, and social studies while offering enrichment classes in music and the arts as well as physical education and computer classes. At the middle school level students can take advanced courses such as Algebra I and Earth Science while also having access to elective courses in Art or Technology Education as well as foreign languages like Spanish or French.

At the high school level students can choose from a variety of Advanced Placement (AP) courses in subjects such as English Literature & Composition or World History & Geography while also having access to career-oriented courses such as Culinary Arts or Automotive Technology. All of the public schools in Canaan have highly qualified teachers who strive to provide their students with an excellent educational experience that will prepare them for college or career opportunities after graduation.

Places of Interest in Canaan, Connecticut

Canaan, Connecticut is a small town with plenty of attractions and activities to keep visitors entertained. One of the most popular attractions is the White Hart Inn, a historic building dating back to 1790. The inn offers tours where visitors can learn about the history of the building as well as its famous guests such as Mark Twain and Ralph Waldo Emerson.

The Smithy Gallery is another popular destination in Canaan. This gallery showcases works by local artists, giving visitors an opportunity to appreciate and purchase unique pieces that they won’t find anywhere else.

For those looking for outdoor activities, there are several parks in Canaan offering trails for hiking or biking and lakes for fishing or swimming. The town also has several golf courses including Canaan Country Club which hosts tournaments throughout the year.

Finally, those looking for fresh produce or handmade crafts can visit one of the many farmers markets located throughout town. These markets offer locally grown fruits and vegetables as well as homemade jams, jellies, breads, and other items from local vendors.

Canaan offers something for everyone with its historic buildings, galleries, parks, golf courses and farmers markets making it a great destination for tourists looking to explore all that Connecticut has to offer.

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