Camden, South Carolina Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to ACRONYMMONSTER.COM, Camden, South Carolina is located in Kershaw County and is bordered by several cities and towns in the area. To the north of Camden lies the city of Lugoff, a small town with a population of around 4,000. Lugoff is home to several parks such as Red Bank Park and White Oak Park which offer plenty of outdoor activities for residents.

To the east of Camden lies the town of Elgin, another small town with a population of around 8,000. Elgin is home to many attractions such as historic sites like the Elgin Museum and St. John’s Episcopal Church as well as many parks including Liberty Hill Park and Elgin Memorial Gardens.

To the south of Camden lies the city of Bishopville, a larger city with a population of around 10,000. Bishopville has plenty to offer with its museums like the Lee County Museum and Railroad Museum as well as outdoor attractions such as Lake Marion State Park and Pinewood Lake Park.

To the west lies Bethune, another small town with a population of around 1,400. Bethune offers visitors plenty to explore such as historic sites like Bethune Courthouse Square Historic District and many parks including Lakeview Park and Chappell Creek Park.

Overall, Camden is conveniently located near many cities and towns that offer plenty for residents to explore! Whether you’re looking for outdoor activities or cultural attractions there are plenty of options nearby!

Camden, South Carolina

Population of Camden, South Carolina

According to, Camden, South Carolina is a city located in Kershaw County and has a population of around 7,000 residents. The population of Camden is diverse and includes people from different backgrounds and cultures.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the racial makeup of Camden is 57% White, 37% African American, 0.7% Native American, 1.2% Asian, 0.3% Pacific Islander, 1.5% from other races, and 2.8% from two or more races. The median household income in Camden is $37,948 and the median age of its residents is 42 years old.

The majority of the population of Camden lives in owner-occupied households with an average household size of 2 people per household and an average family size of 3 people per family. The city also has a high rate of homeownership at 75%.

The education level in Camden is above average with nearly 90% of adults having completed high school or higher education and around 25% having obtained a bachelor’s degree or higher level of education.

Overall, Camden has a diverse population that offers something for everyone! With its above-average education level and high rate of homeownership it’s no wonder why so many people choose to call this city home!

Schools and Education in Camden, South Carolina

Camden, South Carolina is a city located in Kershaw County and is home to many schools and educational opportunities. The public school system in Camden consists of 3 elementary schools, 1 middle school, and 1 high school. All of the public schools in Camden are part of the Kershaw County School District which has a total enrollment of around 4,500 students.

The schools in Camden are highly rated with all three elementary schools receiving an A rating from the South Carolina Department of Education. The middle school also received an A rating while the high school received a B rating.

In addition to the public schools, there are also several private educational institutions located in Camden including two Christian-based academies: Camden Christian Academy and Providence Academy. Both academies offer K-12 programs with a strong focus on Christian education.

The higher education opportunities in Camden include Central Carolina Technical College which offers associate degrees and certificate programs as well as USC Lancaster which provides bachelor’s degree programs. In addition, there are several branch campuses from other universities located near Camden such as University of South Carolina Columbia, Clemson University, and Coastal Carolina University.

Overall, Camden offers its residents access to excellent educational opportunities from pre-kindergarten through college! With its highly rated public schools and private academies as well as multiple higher education options nearby it’s no wonder why so many people choose to call this city home!

Places of Interest in Camden, South Carolina

Camden, South Carolina is a city filled with plenty of places to explore and enjoy. From outdoor activities to historical attractions, there’s something for everyone in Camden!

For those looking for outdoor activities, there are several parks located in Camden including the Kershaw County Recreation Complex and Camden City Park. The Recreation Complex consists of multiple sports fields and courts as well as a playground and picnic area. Meanwhile, Camden City Park is home to walking trails, a pond, and a playground.

History buffs will enjoy visiting the Joseph Kershaw House which was built in 1820 by Joseph Kershaw Jr. This historic home is open for tours on Saturdays from April through October. There’s also the historic Camden Archives & Museum which contains documents and artifacts related to the history of Camden County.

Shoppers will find plenty of stores along Broad Street including antique stores, clothing boutiques, jewelry stores, and more. There are also several restaurants located along Broad Street offering everything from local cuisine to international dishes.

Finally, visitors can get an up-close look at nature at the Congaree National Park which is located just outside of town. Here visitors can take part in activities such as camping, fishing, horseback riding, and bird watching.

Camden is full of interesting places to explore and enjoy. Whether you’re looking for outdoor activities, historical attractions, shopping destinations or natural wonders, there’s something for everyone in Camden!

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