Byrdstown, Tennessee Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to Countryvv, Byrdstown, Tennessee is a small town located in Pickett County, near the border of Kentucky. The town is surrounded by several cities and towns that offer visitors plenty of things to do and explore. To the north lies Jamestown, a historic city with a charming downtown that features unique shops and eateries. Moving east, visitors will find the city of Albany, which offers plenty of outdoor recreational opportunities including hiking trails and camping sites. Further south lies Livingston, an artsy town with a vibrant music scene and many galleries.

Going west from Byrdstown brings you to Celina, which features beautiful lakeside views and a number of attractions such as ziplining adventures and horseback riding trails. Nearby is also the city of Byrdstown’s twin city – Byrdstown – which has its own set of attractions such as museums, art galleries, and numerous parks for outdoor activities. Finally, just across the state line in Kentucky is Dale Hollow Lake State Park – an excellent spot for fishing or boating with its clear waters and picturesque views. All these bordering cities and towns offer visitors plenty to see and do while visiting Byrdstown.

Byrdstown, Tennessee

Population of Byrdstown, Tennessee

Byrdstown, Tennessee is a small town located in Pickett County, with a population of just over 1,200 people. The town is comprised of mostly white individuals (90%), with the remaining 10% made up of African American, Hispanic/Latino and Native American individuals. The median age of the population is 43 years old, with the majority of residents being between the ages of 25-44 (44%).

The majority of residents are married couples (50%), while single individuals make up 32% and those living together without being married compose 18%. In terms of educational attainment, nearly half (48%) have achieved a high school diploma or higher level degree. A quarter have received some college education and 17% have attained bachelor’s degrees or higher.

The median household income in Byrdstown is $36,000 a year, with approximately one-third (31%) of households earning less than $25,000 annually. Unemployment rate in Byrdstown is at 5%, slightly lower than the national average. The majority of jobs in Byrdstown are service-based industries such as retail trade and accommodation services. Additionally, there are many farming jobs available due to the town’s proximity to agricultural lands.

In terms of religion, most residents identify as Christian (89%), followed by those who identify as ‘other’ religions (7%). The remaining 4% do not identify with any religion. All in all, Byrdstown is a small but vibrant community that offers plenty for its residents and visitors alike!

Schools and Education in Byrdstown, Tennessee

According to TOPPHARMACYSCHOOLS.ORG, Byrdstown, Tennessee is served by two public school districts – the Pickett County School System and the Overton County School System. The Pickett County School System consists of four schools – Byrdstown Elementary, Pickett County Middle, Pickett County High, and Byrdstown Academy. All of these schools are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and offer a variety of educational opportunities to students in grades K-12.

The elementary school offers a balanced curriculum of core subjects such as math, science, language arts, social studies, and physical education. Additionally, art classes are offered at all grade levels. At the middle school level, students can take electives such as band or choir to supplement their core classes. The high school offers Advanced Placement (AP) courses for those interested in pursuing college credit while still in high school.

Byrdstown Academy is an independent charter school that serves students in grades K-8. The academy follows a Montessori-style approach to education with an emphasis on hands-on learning experiences and project-based learning activities. Additionally, the academy has small class sizes which allow for more personalized instruction for each student.

In terms of higher education opportunities in Byrdstown, there are several nearby colleges that offer online courses for those looking to pursue a degree or certification from home. These include Tennessee Tech University which is located just 15 miles away from Byrdstown as well as Vanderbilt University located 40 miles away in Nashville.

Overall, Byrdstown offers its residents access to quality educational opportunities at both the primary and secondary levels as well as options for those interested in taking college courses online or nearby institutions of higher learning!

Places of Interest in Byrdstown, Tennessee

Byrdstown, Tennessee is known for its breathtaking natural beauty and array of outdoor activities. Located in the foothills of the Cumberland Mountains, Byrdstown offers visitors plenty of opportunities to explore its lush forests, crystal clear lakes, and cascading waterfalls.

One of the most popular attractions in Byrdstown is Dale Hollow Lake State Park. This park offers a variety of outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, hiking, and swimming. Visitors can also take advantage of the lake’s marina which offers boat rentals and other services to help make your time on the lake enjoyable.

Another popular destination in Byrdstown is Pickett State Park. This park offers a variety of trails for hikers and mountain bikers as well as a scenic overlook with incredible views. Additionally, visitors can enjoy kayaking or canoeing on the clear waters of Big South Fork River or take part in an interpretive program at one of the park’s many historic sites.

For those looking for a more relaxed experience in Byrdstown there are plenty of options available as well. Visitors can visit one of the local wineries or take a leisurely drive along one of the area’s scenic byways for some breathtaking views. If shopping is more your speed, there are several quaint downtown shops offering everything from antiques to handcrafted items perfect for souvenirs.

Overall, Byrdstown has something for everyone! Whether you’re looking for an adventurous outdoor experience or just want to relax and enjoy some stunning scenery – this small town has it all!

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