Brewster, Kansas Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to plus-size-tips, Brewster, Kansas is located in the heart of the Great Plains and is surrounded by several cities and towns. To the north of Brewster is the city of Hays, which is home to Fort Hays State University and offers a variety of cultural attractions such as an art museum, a planetarium and theater productions.

To the east of Brewster lies Salina, which is known for its numerous restaurants and shops as well as its annual rodeo. The nearby town of Ellsworth also has several attractions including an old-fashioned ice-cream parlor, a historic theater and a country music festival held each summer.

Just south of Brewster lies Russell, which features several historical sites such as Fort Harker Museum and Old Town Russell Historic District. There are also plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy in Russell including fishing at Wilson Lake or hiking along one of the many trails in Eisenhower State Park.

Further south is the town of Great Bend which has a number of interesting attractions such as the Great Bend Zoo & Aquarium, Kansas Wetlands Education Center and Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife Area. It’s also home to Barton County Historical Society Museum where visitors can explore artifacts from local history dating back to 1872.

Finally, just west of Brewster lies La Crosse where visitors can explore its historic downtown area full of unique shops, cafes and restaurants. The city also offers several outdoor activities like golfing at La Crosse Municipal Golf Course or taking a scenic drive along one of its many countryside roads lined with wildflowers in springtime.

Brewster, Kansas

Population of Brewster, Kansas

Brewster, Kansas is a small town with a population of just over 800 people. It is located in the heart of the Great Plains and offers a quiet, rural atmosphere with plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy. Check prozipcodes for information about Anderson County, Kansas.

The majority of Brewster’s population are Caucasian, making up around 84% of the total population. African-Americans make up 9%, while Hispanics make up 4%. The remaining 3% are made up of other ethnicities.

The median age in Brewster is 42.1 years with around 32% of the population being between the ages of 25 and 44. This is followed by those aged 45 to 64 which make up around 26% and those aged 65 and over which make up 15%. The remaining 27% are under the age of 25.

Brewster also has a higher-than-average poverty rate compared to other cities in Kansas. Around 18% of households in Brewster have an annual income below the poverty line compared to 15% statewide.

Brewster also has a higher-than-average unemployment rate compared to other cities in Kansas, with 12.9% unemployed compared to just 4.7% statewide. However, job opportunities are increasing as more businesses move into town due to its proximity to larger cities like Hays and Salina which offer more employment opportunities for residents of Brewster.

Schools and Education of Brewster, Kansas

Brewster, Kansas is served by USD 428, which is comprised of two schools: Brewster Elementary School and Brewster High School. The district serves students in grades K-12 and has a total student population of just over 400.

The district provides a comprehensive education for students with a focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and the arts. Students have access to modern technology with each classroom equipped with computers and interactive whiteboards. Students also have access to specialized programs such as the school’s robotics team which competes in regional competitions.

In addition to the core curriculum, Brewster High School offers a variety of extracurricular activities such as sports teams, academic clubs, and music programs. These activities give students the opportunity to explore their interests outside of the classroom while developing important skills such as teamwork and communication.

Brewster is also home to Central Kansas Technical College, which provides higher education opportunities for those looking to pursue a career in areas such as nursing or business management. The college offers associate’s degrees in several different fields and is conveniently located just a few miles from Brewster’s town center.

Overall, Brewster provides its residents with excellent educational opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom. With its emphasis on STEM education and extracurricular activities along with higher education opportunities at Central Kansas Technical College, Brewster ensures that its students are well-prepared for success after high school graduation.

Landmarks in Brewster, Kansas

Brewster, Kansas is a small town in central Kansas that is full of interesting landmarks. One of the most popular landmarks in Brewster is the historic Brewster Opera House. Constructed in 1885, it was once used for live performances and remains a popular destination for tourists. The building has been restored and now houses a museum and art gallery.

Another popular landmark is the Brewster Windmill Park. Located just outside of town, this park features five windmills from the 1800s that have been preserved and restored to their original condition. Visitors can take a self-guided tour around the park to learn about the history of wind power in Kansas.

The Brewster Cattle Drive Monument is also a popular destination for locals and visitors alike. The monument commemorates the cattle drives that took place in Brewster during the 1800s as ranchers transported their cows to market. The monument includes sculptures of cowboys on horseback and includes an interpretive center with information about the cattle drive era.

Brewster also has several historic buildings located throughout town including several churches, homes, and businesses dating back to the late 1800s and early 1900s. These buildings are often open for visitors to explore or take guided tours through to learn more about local history.

Overall, Brewster offers many unique landmarks that make it an interesting destination for tourists looking to explore its rich history and culture. From its windmills and monuments to its historic buildings, there are plenty of sites to explore when visiting this small Kansas town.

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