Boxborough, Massachusetts Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to ITYPETRAVEL, Boxborough, Massachusetts is a small town located in Middlesex County, just off the Massachusetts Turnpike. This town of about 5,000 residents is bordered by several cities and towns that offer plenty to explore. To the north lies Harvard, a small village with a population of just over 1,800 people. Harvard is home to the Harvard Forest which offers miles of trails perfect for walking, biking or horseback riding. The forest also boasts a number of historic sites such as the historic Hartwell Tavern and the Hoar-Concord House which dates back to 1750.

To the northeast lies Littleton, an affluent suburban town with a population of around 9,500 people. Littleton is known for its quaint downtown area filled with shops and restaurants as well as its numerous parks and trails perfect for outdoor activities such as fishing and boating on nearby ponds or hiking along nature trails.

To the east lies Acton, a large town with a population of over 23,000 people. Acton has plenty to offer visitors from its historical sites such as Old Town Hall which was built in 1824 to its many boutiques and restaurants located in West Acton Village. It also boasts several recreational facilities including parks with playgrounds and ball fields as well as numerous walking trails located at various points throughout town.

On Boxborough’s western border lies Stow where visitors can explore its historic downtown center featuring antique shops and restaurants or take part in one of many outdoor activities such as canoeing on Lake Boon or skiing at Nashoba Valley Ski Area. Additionally, there are several conservation areas in Stow offering plenty of opportunities for hiking or bird watching!

Finally, to the south lies Bolton which is home to more than 5,000 residents. Bolton offers visitors plenty of outdoor activities including fishing on Bolton Flats Pond or biking along scenic trails at White Pond Conservation Area while those looking for some history can visit The Willard House and Clock Museum which features exhibits on clock making from colonial times up until today! With all these bordering cities and towns Boxborough provides something for everyone!

Boxborough, Massachusetts

Population of Boxborough, Massachusetts

Boxborough is a small town located in Middlesex County, Massachusetts. It has a population of around 5,000 people and is part of the greater Boston Metropolitan Area. The town was settled in 1726 and was officially incorporated in 1783.

The population of Boxborough is predominantly white with approximately 90% being Caucasian. The other 10% of the population consists of African Americans, Asians, Hispanics and Native Americans. The median age in the town is 43 years old with 21% of its residents being between the ages of 18 and 24 years old. Additionally, there are more females than males living in Boxborough as there are 54% females compared to 46% males.

The average household size in Boxborough is 2.62 people per household and the median household income is $90,948 according to the US Census Bureau’s American Community Survey for 2017-2018. There are also over 700 businesses in Boxborough which employ over 3,200 people throughout the town making it an important economic center for Middlesex County.

Boxborough has a variety of community amenities including schools, parks and recreational areas such as White Pond Conservation Area which offers hiking trails as well as fishing on Bolton Flats Pond or skiing at Nashoba Valley Ski Area in Stow to its west border. Additionally, there are several historical sites such as Old Town Hall which was built back in 1824 or The Willard House and Clock Museum featuring clock making from colonial times up until today!

All these factors make Boxborough an ideal place for families to live due to its strong economy, educational opportunities and recreational activities available throughout the town!

Schools and Education in Boxborough, Massachusetts

According to Mcat-test-centers, Boxborough is part of the Acton-Boxborough Regional School District which serves the students of both Acton and Boxborough. The district is comprised of six schools: three elementary, one middle school and two high schools.

The elementary schools (Abbot, Blanchard, and Douglas) provide a comprehensive educational program for students in grades K-5. The middle school (RJ Grey) provides an academic curriculum for grades 6-8 while the two high schools (Acton-Boxborough Regional High School and Merriam Avenue Alternative High School) offer a wide range of academic courses as well as extracurricular activities such as sports teams and clubs.

In addition to the public schools, Boxborough also has several private educational institutions including Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School which provides career-focused education for students in grades 9-12. Additionally, there are several preschools and daycares located throughout the town providing early childhood education to young children.

The town of Boxborough also offers adult education classes through its local community college, Middlesex Community College. These classes range from English language courses to computer programming classes and are open to all members of the community regardless of age or background.

Overall, Boxborough provides an excellent education system with multiple options available to suit any student’s needs or interests. From public schools offering comprehensive academic programs to private institutions providing career training or early childhood education there is something for everyone!

Places of Interest in Boxborough, Massachusetts

Boxborough, Massachusetts is a small town located in Middlesex County. It is home to many interesting places including historical sites, nature reserves, and cultural attractions.

One of the most popular attractions in Boxborough is the Boxborough Historical Society which offers visitors an insight into the history of the town. The society holds regular events such as lectures, tours, and exhibitions that explore various aspects of Boxborough’s past. Additionally, the society also houses a museum with artifacts from local families and businesses that have been in the area for generations.

Nature-lovers will also enjoy visiting Boxborough as there are several nature reserves located in and around town. These reserves are great for hiking, bird-watching, and exploring the outdoors. The most popular reserve is Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge which spans across more than 14000 acres of meadows, marshes, forests and ponds.

If you’re looking for something more cultural then Boxborough has plenty to offer! The town has several art galleries showcasing works from local artists as well as performances at two theatres: The Acton-Boxborough Performing Arts Center (ABPAC) and The Acton Town Hall Theater (ATHT). Additionally, there are also numerous festivals throughout the year such as Art & Music in the Park and Acton Jazz Fest which celebrate music, art, food and culture from all over the world.

Overall, there are plenty of places to visit in Boxborough whether it be historical sites or nature reserves or cultural attractions!

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