Bound Brook, New Jersey Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to Usaers, Bound Brook, New Jersey is situated in the heart of Somerset County and is bordered by several cities and towns. To the north lies Manville, a borough with a population of 10,345 people as of 2019. Manville is home to the Duke Island Park which features a variety of recreational activities such as swimming, fishing, kayaking and more!

To the east lies Middlesex Borough, another borough with a population of 13,635 people as of 2019. Middlesex Borough is known for its diverse array of restaurants serving cuisines from all over the world. The town also hosts several events throughout the year such as the annual Halloween Parade and Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. To learn more about New Jersey, please check Cancermatters.

To the south lies South Bound Brook, a township with a population of 4,563 people as of 2019. South Bound Brook is home to several attractions such as Colonial Park which features an arboretum, trails and picnic areas. The town also hosts special events throughout the year including its Annual Summer Concert Series in Memorial Park.

To the west lies Somerset Borough which has a population of 6,452 people as of 2019. Somerset Borough offers visitors an array of attractions from antique shops to wineries to historical sites like Van Veghten House which was built in 1760 and served as General George Washington’s headquarters during his stay in New Jersey during 1777-1778.

Overall, Bound Brook’s bordering cities and towns offer visitors an array of attractions that cater to all types interests!

Bound Brook, New Jersey

Population of Bound Brook, New Jersey

Bound Brook, New Jersey is a borough that is located in the heart of Somerset County and has a population of 10,402 people as of 2019. According to the 2010 census, the town’s population is composed of 59.2% White, 8.3% African American, 0.7% Native American, 5.4% Asian-American and 0.2% Pacific Islander. The remaining 26.2% of the population is composed of individuals from two or more races.

The median age in Bound Brook is 38 years old with 21.3% of the population being under 18 years old and 13.3% being over 65 years old according to the 2010 census data. The median household income in Bound Brook was $56,917 compared to $71,175 for all New Jersey households as of 2017 according to data from the U.S Census Bureau’s American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates program.

In terms of education attainment levels among adults 25 years and older, 84.1% had completed high school or higher while 29% had obtained a bachelor’s degree or higher according to data from the U.S Census Bureau’s American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates program as of 2017

Overall, Bound Brook has an educated and diverse population that is spread evenly across all age groups!

Schools and Education in Bound Brook, New Jersey

Bound Brook, New Jersey is served by the Bound Brook School District which consists of four schools: an elementary school, a middle school, a high school and an academy. The district serves over 1,800 students with a student-teacher ratio of 11 to 1.

The elementary school provides educational programs for grades Pre-K through 5th grade. The middle school offers educational programs for grades 6th through 8th grade and also provides special education services to students with disabilities. The high school provides educational programs for grades 9th through 12th grade and also offers a variety of extracurricular activities such as sports teams and clubs.

The Bound Brook Academy is an alternative high school that serves students who may have dropped out or are at risk of dropping out of traditional public schools. The academy offers individualized learning plans that allow students to complete their studies at their own pace while working on developing their social and life skills as well.

In terms of higher education, Bound Brook is located within close proximity to several colleges and universities such as Rutgers University, Seton Hall University and Princeton University just to name a few. This makes it easy for residents to pursue higher education without having to travel far from home!

Places of Interest in Bound Brook, New Jersey

Bound Brook, New Jersey is a small town with a rich history and some interesting landmarks. One of the most notable is the Bound Brook Train Station. Built in 1875, it’s one of the oldest train stations in the state and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The station is still active today and serves as a major hub for NJ Transit trains. Another landmark worth visiting is Van Horne House. Built in 1770, this historic house offers guided tours that tell its story as one of the oldest homes in Somerset County. The house also features a museum dedicated to local history with artifacts dating back to colonial times. Finally, visitors shouldn’t miss out on seeing Raritan River Park, located just south of Bound Brook. This park features walking trails that line both sides of the river, making it a great spot for outdoor recreation like fishing and canoeing. There are also plenty of picnic areas for visitors to enjoy a meal or just take in the scenery along the shoreline.

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