Bothell, Washington Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to Biotionary, Bothell, Washington is a city located in King County and borders several other cities and towns in the area. To the east of Bothell lies the cities of Woodinville and Kirkland, both of which offer plenty of attractions such as wineries, breweries, restaurants, and shopping centers.

Heading south from Bothell lies the city of Redmond. Redmond is home to Microsoft headquarters as well as many other corporate offices. Additionally, there are plenty of recreational activities to do such as hiking trails, parks, and golf courses.

To the west lies the city of Everett which is home to many industrial businesses as well as a popular waterfront area with attractions like an aquarium and a maritime museum. The city also has several parks, museums, theaters and restaurants that offer something for everyone.

Heading north from Bothell lies the cities of Mill Creek and Lynnwood which offer plenty of shopping options at malls like Alderwood Mall or stores like Costco. The area also offers a wide variety of restaurants ranging from fast food to fine dining establishments.

Overall, Bothell is surrounded by many cities and towns that provide visitors with plenty of attractions and activities to enjoy! From shopping centers to museums and parks there is something for everyone in these bordering areas!

Bothell, Washington

Population of Bothell, Washington

According to, Bothell, Washington is a city located in King County with a population of over 46,000 people. The city is home to a diverse population with many different ethnicities represented. According to the most recent census data, approximately 52% of the population identified as Caucasian, 18% as Asian, and 16% as Hispanic or Latino.

The city also has a median age of 36 years old and an even split between men and women. Additionally, there are many married couples in Bothell with almost half of the households consisting of married couples with children.

The economy of Bothell is mostly made up of small businesses and entrepreneurs. Many residents work in professional or service-related jobs such as healthcare or finance while others may work in the tech industry due to Bothell’s proximity to Seattle.

In addition to its diverse population and strong economy, Bothell is also home to several educational institutions including University of Washington Bothell Campus, Cascadia College and Northshore School District. There are also plenty of recreational activities for residents such as outdoor parks and trails, golf courses and museums for families to enjoy together.

Overall, Bothell has a diverse population that contributes to its strong economy which allows for plenty of recreational activities for residents to enjoy!

Schools and Education in Bothell, Washington

Bothell, Washington is home to many educational institutions that provide students with a quality education. The city is served by the Northshore School District, which consists of 17 elementary schools, four middle schools, and four high schools. Each school offers students a variety of courses and activities to choose from as well as extracurriculars like sports teams and academic clubs.

The city also has two post-secondary institutions: University of Washington Bothell Campus and Cascadia College. The University of Washington Bothell Campus offers undergraduate degrees in various fields like business, engineering, and the arts. It also has graduate programs in areas such as education and technology. Cascadia College is a community college that provides students with associate degrees in fields such as nursing, business administration, and computer science.

In addition to the traditional public educational system in Bothell, there are also several private schools available for families who want to pursue an alternative education for their children. These include St. Edward Catholic School which provides students with a faith-based learning environment; Parkwood Christian School which focuses on providing an individualized learning experience; and Eastside Academy which focuses on helping at-risk youth gain valuable life skills through academics and vocational training.

Overall, Bothell offers its residents access to quality education through its public school system as well as private institutions that provide alternative options for families who want something different for their children’s schooling needs.

Places of Interest in Bothell, Washington

Bothell, Washington is home to a variety of places of interest that are sure to please visitors and residents alike. From outdoor recreational activities to cultural attractions, there’s something for everyone in Bothell.

For those looking for outdoor adventures, the city is home to numerous parks and trails that offer stunning views of the surrounding landscape. North Creek Trail and Sammamish River Trail are popular spots for biking and walking while North Creek Park is great for picnicking and playing sports. Additionally, the nearby Lake Sammamish State Park features a beach area with swimming, boating, fishing, and more.

Bothell also has several cultural attractions that are worth visiting. The Bothell Historical Museum showcases the city’s history through various artifacts from its past while the Northshore Performing Arts Center offers a variety of live performances throughout the year. Additionally, there are several art galleries in town where visitors can appreciate local artwork from area artists.

For those looking for shopping opportunities, downtown Bothell has several boutique shops and restaurants where visitors can find unique gifts or grab a bite to eat. There’s also an IKEA store located just outside of town for those who need furniture or other household items.

Overall, Bothell offers plenty of places of interest for visitors and residents alike! Whether you’re looking for outdoor recreation or cultural attractions, there’s something here to suit everyone’s interests!

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