Bordentown, New Jersey Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to Travelationary, Bordentown, New Jersey is a small city located in the Central part of the state. It is bordered by several other cities and towns that offer a variety of attractions for visitors to explore. To the north lies Florence Township, which is home to many historical sites such as the Mary Gaunt House, a Revolutionary War-era home that was once owned by General George Washington’s father. To the east lies Chesterfield Township, which offers visitors plenty of outdoor activities such as fishing, boating, and hiking at Crosswicks Creek Park. To the south lies Burlington City, which is home to many cultural attractions such as the Burlington County Historical Society Museum and The Burlington County Playhouse. Finally, to the west lies Wrightstown Borough, which features a number of local shops and restaurants as well as historic buildings like St. Mary’s Church. All these cities and towns offer visitors plenty of opportunities to explore and experience all that Bordentown has to offer. To learn more about New Jersey, please check Phonejust.

Bordentown, New Jersey

Population of Bordentown, New Jersey

Bordentown, New Jersey is a small city located in the Central part of the state. According to the latest United States Census, it has a population of about 5,000 people. The population is made up of a diverse mix of individuals from all walks of life and backgrounds. The majority of residents are white, followed by African Americans and Hispanics. There is also a small population of Asian Americans and Native Americans living in Bordentown.

The median age for residents in Bordentown is 39 years old with the majority being between 25-44 years old. The median household income is around $50,000 per year with most households earning between $35,000-$75,000 annually. In terms of education level, most people have either some college or an associate’s degree with only about 10% having completed a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Overall, Bordentown has an ethnically diverse population that is largely working class and middle-income families who are looking to make their home in this small city in New Jersey. With its close proximity to major cities like Philadelphia and New York City as well as its abundance of outdoor activities and cultural attractions, it’s easy to see why so many people choose to call this city home.

Schools and Education in Bordentown, New Jersey

Bordentown, New Jersey is served by the Bordentown Regional School District, which includes four elementary schools, two middle schools and one high school. The elementary schools provide a comprehensive educational program that includes an emphasis on math, science and technology. The middle schools continue to build on the students’ foundation with more advanced studies in the core subject areas as well as foreign language classes and enrichment activities.

At the high school level, students can choose from a number of specialized tracks including Advanced Placement (AP) courses and college-level classes. The district also offers a variety of extracurricular activities such as sports teams, clubs and academic competitions.

In addition to public schools, Bordentown also has several private institutions of higher learning located within its city limits. These include Saint Mary’s Academy for Girls and Trenton Catholic Academy for Boys – both of which offer rigorous academic programs in addition to faith-based education. There is also a branch campus of Mercer County Community College located in Bordentown which provides students with an affordable option for obtaining an associate degree or certificate program.

Overall, Bordentown offers a wide range of educational opportunities for its residents at all levels – from preschool through higher education. With its close proximity to major cities like Philadelphia and New York City as well as its abundance of outdoor activities and cultural attractions, it’s easy to see why so many people choose to call this city home.

Places of Interest in Bordentown, New Jersey

Bordentown, New Jersey is a charming city with plenty of places to explore. Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities, from outdoor recreation to cultural attractions. The city is home to a variety of parks and playgrounds, including the popular Joseph Lawrence Park that offers plenty of green space for picnics, playgrounds for children and walking trails for adults.

The Bordentown Historical Society Museum is another popular attraction in the city. This museum showcases artifacts from the area’s past and provides visitors with an in-depth look at the history of Bordentown. It also includes interactive exhibits that provide insight into the lives of the city’s earliest settlers.

Nature lovers will appreciate the nearby Crosswicks Creek Nature Preserve which features two miles of trails that are perfect for hiking or biking. The preserve is also home to a variety of wildlife, including deer, foxes and birds of prey.

In addition to outdoor activities, visitors can explore Bordentown’s vibrant art scene at galleries such as Artworks Trenton or Studio B Gallery & Frame Shop. There are also several performing arts venues in the area where visitors can enjoy live theater performances or listen to local bands on stage at places like Triumph Brewing Company and The Record Collector music store.

For those looking for a unique experience, there are several wineries located near Bordentown where visitors can sample locally-made wines and take tours of vineyards and cellars. Finally, shoppers will find plenty of stores along Farnsworth Avenue offering everything from antiques to clothing boutiques and specialty shops.

Overall, Bordentown offers something for everyone – whether you’re looking for outdoor recreation or cultural attractions – making it an ideal destination for families or solo travelers alike.

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