Beverly Shores, Indiana Population, Schools and Places of Interest

Beverly Shores, Indiana is a small town located on the shores of Lake Michigan. It is bordered by several cities and towns, providing a wide range of activities and attractions for visitors and residents alike.

To the north of Beverly Shores lies the city of Gary, Indiana. This city is home to a variety of attractions such as the Gary Aquatorium, where visitors can learn about aquatic life in Lake Michigan, as well as several parks and trails for outdoor recreation. Additionally, Gary has plenty of shopping and dining options for those looking to explore its downtown area.

Just east of Beverly Shores is the town of Porter. This small community offers a variety of activities such as fishing at its marinas, visiting its historical sites, or taking in some live music at one of its many bars and restaurants. Additionally, Porter has an extensive network of trails that are perfect for biking or hiking.

Further south lies Michigan City, which is home to numerous tourist attractions such as Washington Park Zoo, Lighthouse Place Premium Outlets mall, and Barker Mansion Museum. In addition to these attractions, Michigan City also has several beaches along Lake Michigan that are perfect for swimming or sunbathing during the summer months.

Finally, just west of Beverly Shores lies New Buffalo Township. This township offers plenty to see and do with its many parks such as Galien River County Park or Jean Klock Park Beach where visitors can take in stunning views over Lake Michigan while enjoying their favorite outdoor activities like swimming or fishing.

Overall, Beverly Shores has something to offer everyone! From its bordering cities and towns to its many attractions there’s something here for everyone!

Beverly Shores, Indiana

Population of Beverly Shores, Indiana

Beverly Shores is a small town in Indiana located in the northwestern corner of the state, right on the shore of Lake Michigan. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, as of 2019, it had a population of 803 people living within its borders. The town has a median age of 44.5 years and a median household income of $63,872. Of the 803 people living in Beverly Shores, 54% are White, 24% are African American, 12% are Hispanic or Latino, 5% are Asian and 5% are two or more races.

The majority of residents work in white-collar professions such as management and professional occupations (30%). Education and health services (14%) is also an area with many jobs available for Beverly Shores’ citizens. Manufacturing (12%), retail trade (10%), administrative support (7%) and construction (6%) make up most of the rest of working population in Beverly Shores. Most residents own their homes; however there is also a vibrant rental market with an average rent around $1,000 per month for a one-bedroom apartment. The crime rate in Beverly Shores is low which contributes to its appeal as a great place to live and raise a family. The community prides itself on its public safety departments that work hard to keep citizens safe while providing excellent service to all who live there.

Schools and Education in Beverly Shores, Indiana

According to andyeducation, Beverly Shores is served by the Duneland School Corporation, which also serves Chesterton and Porter townships. The schools in Beverly Shores include Liberty Elementary School, Yost Elementary School, Bailly Middle School, and Chesterton High School. The district follows a rigorous curriculum to ensure students are well-prepared for college and careers. The schools also equip their students with the skills needed to be successful in a global economy.

The school district has been recognized for its excellence in education. In 2019 it was ranked as one of the top 100 school districts in the nation by The schools offer a wide range of programs such as music, art, foreign language, and physical education as part of their overall curriculum. There are also many extracurricular activities available for students to participate in such as robotics teams, debate clubs, chess clubs and more.

In addition to their public school system, Beverly Shores offers several private schools that serve preschool through high school grades. According to Anycountyprivateschools, these include St Mary’s Catholic School, Calvary Christian Academy and Valparaiso University’s Pre-College Program at its Northwest Indiana campus which provides college credit courses to high school students in the area.

Beverly Shores is dedicated to providing its citizens with quality educational opportunities that will help them be successful throughout life. With its excellent public schools and private options available, it is no surprise that this small town has become a great place for families looking for an excellent education for their children.

Places of Interest in Beverly Shores, Indiana

Beverly Shores is a small town that boasts a variety of attractions and places of interest. Visitors to the area can enjoy the unique experience of exploring the Indiana Dunes National Park, one of the nation’s first national parks. The park offers miles of sandy beaches, dune trails, and beautiful views of Lake Michigan.

In addition to its natural beauty, Beverly Shores is home to a number of historic sites. One such site is the Beverly Shores Depot Museum which houses artifacts from the town’s past as well as exhibits related to local history and culture. Another popular spot is the House of Tomorrow, an experimental home designed by architect George Fred Keck in 1935 that features a unique modern design and technology for its time.

The town also features some great shopping options. The Beverly Shores Antique Mall has over 50 vendors selling antique furniture, jewelry, collectibles and more while Main Street offers boutique shops featuring locally made items as well as art galleries. For those looking for something more contemporary, there are also several trendy restaurants and bars located in town.

Beverly Shores also has several recreational activities available for visitors to enjoy including golfing at Beverly Country Club or fishing at Portage Lakefront Park. Other popular spots include a marina which provides access to Lake Michigan as well as nearby parks like Dogwood Park or Pine Creek Park which provide great opportunities for hiking or biking on their scenic trails.

No matter what you’re looking for in terms of entertainment or activities, Beverly Shores has something for everyone! From its stunning natural beauty to its unique attractions and lively downtown area, this small town is sure to provide something special that visitors won’t soon forget!

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