Bergenfield, New Jersey Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to, Bergenfield, New Jersey is a small borough located in Bergen County, approximately 20 miles northwest of Manhattan. The town is bordered by Dumont to the north, New Milford to the south, Teaneck to the east, and Englewood to the west. It is a diverse community with a population of 27,000 people and is known for its vibrant culture and welcoming atmosphere.

The history of Bergenfield dates back to 1668 when settlers from Holland established a settlement there. The town was officially founded in 1894 when it was incorporated as a borough by an act of the New Jersey Legislature. Over time, Bergenfield grew from a rural farming community into an industrial center with several factories that employed many local residents. By 1960, the population had grown to more than 30,000 people making it one of Bergen County’s largest towns.

Today, Bergenfield is still home to many industries including manufacturing companies and warehouses that provide jobs for local residents as well as some retail stores and restaurants located in downtown. There are also several parks located throughout town including Demarest Park which features playgrounds, basketball courts and walking trails; Memorial Park which offers picnic areas; and Veterans Memorial Park which has baseball fields and soccer fields.

Bergenfield also offers many cultural activities such as concerts at the William Paterson University Performing Arts Center or plays at nearby theaters like Teaneck’s Puffin Cultural Forum or Hackensack’s Mayo Performing Arts Center. There are also various art galleries like Art on Main Gallery or The Gallery at Fairleigh Dickinson University that showcase works from local artists as well as national and international artists alike.

In addition to these attractions, Bergenfield offers plenty of shopping opportunities with stores like Target or Walmart located just outside town limits while there are also several smaller retail stores in downtown such as clothing boutiques or antique shops where visitors can find unique items for their home or wardrobe. For those looking for delicious cuisine there are many restaurants offering everything from Italian fare to Mexican dishes along with classic American favorites like burgers and fries.

Bergenfield truly has something for everyone making it an ideal place for visitors looking for both cultural attractions and shopping opportunities while still maintaining its small-town charm!

Bergenfield, New Jersey

Population of Bergenfield, New Jersey

Bergenfield, New Jersey is a small town located in the northern part of Bergen County. According to the 2019 census, the population of Bergenfield was estimated to be 27,179 with an average population density of 4,937 people per square mile. The racial makeup of the town is diverse and includes White (58.7%), Hispanic or Latino (25%), African American (10.2%) and Asian (5%). The median household income in Bergenfield is $76,521 with only 8% of families living below the poverty line.

The majority of Bergenfield’s residents identify as Christian with Roman Catholics making up a large portion of this demographic at 26%. Other major religions practiced are Judaism, Islam and Buddhism. Education is highly valued in this community with public schools boasting a 97% graduation rate and 97% college readiness index. The local economy is mainly composed of small businesses such as restaurants, retail stores and professional services which contribute significantly to the town’s tax base. Additionally, many residents commute to nearby cities for work or leisure activities due to its close proximity to New York City and other metropolitan areas. This contributes to a vibrant cultural atmosphere which has been celebrated through various festivals held throughout the year such as Bergenfield Day and the International Food Festival.

Schools and Education in Bergenfield, New Jersey

According to ACT-TEST-CENTERS, Bergenfield, New Jersey is home to a number of excellent public schools, which are part of the Bergenfield Public School District. The district has a total of nine schools, including six elementary schools, two middle schools and one high school. Education is highly valued in this community with the district boasting a 97% graduation rate and 97% college readiness index.

The high school offers students a variety of advanced classes such as AP courses and honors classes. Additionally, there are several extracurricular activities available such as sports teams, clubs and organizations. The high school also offers a diverse selection of electives including music, art and theater.

The elementary and middle schools offer a wide range of enrichment activities for students as well as specialized programs for gifted learners. Technology is also integrated into all levels of education with each classroom having access to computers and iPads for student use.

Bergenfield also has several private schools that provide an alternative education option for families who prefer not to send their children to public schools. These include St Joseph’s Catholic School, Yeshiva Ketana Elementary School and Yeshivah Gedolah Rabbinical College High School.

Overall, the town of Bergenfield places great importance on education with its commitment to providing quality instruction in both public and private settings. The town’s dedication to providing students with the best possible learning experience ensures that they will be prepared for academic success in higher levels of education or employment opportunities after graduating from high school.

Places of Interest in Bergenfield, New Jersey

Bergenfield, New Jersey is a vibrant and diverse community with something to offer everyone. There are plenty of places of interest for the whole family to explore, ranging from museums and historical sites to parks and shopping centers.

For those who enjoy history, the Bergenfield Historical Society Museum is a great place to learn about the town’s past. The museum features interactive exhibits that show what life was like in Bergenfield during the 19th century. There are also several historic homes around town that can be visited for a glimpse into what life was like in days gone by.

The town also has several parks and recreation areas where visitors can enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, fishing and boating. The popular Overpeck County Park offers over 800 acres of parkland with trails, playgrounds, picnic areas and more. Veterans Memorial Park is another popular destination with its memorials honoring local veterans along with ball fields and a playground.

For those looking for shopping opportunities, Bergenfield’s Main Street offers plenty of options including clothing stores, restaurants and specialty shops. The nearby Bergen Town Center Mall is a great place to find all kinds of merchandise as well as entertainment options such as movie theaters and bowling lanes.

Overall, Bergenfield is an ideal destination for families looking for places of interest that everyone can enjoy together. From museums to parks to shopping centers there is something here for everyone to enjoy!

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