Benton, Missouri Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to Travelationary, Benton, Missouri is a small town located in the northwest corner of the state. It is bordered by the towns of Vandalia, Bowling Green, and Marceline to the north; Macon to the east; Shelbina to the south; and Monroe City to the west. The population as of 2019 was around 1,500 people. Benton is a friendly rural community that offers a unique small-town experience.

The town is surrounded by lush farmland and rolling hills, making it an ideal spot for outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, camping, and more. There are also several nearby parks such as Mark Twain State Park, which has trails for biking and horseback riding. In addition, Benton offers a variety of shopping opportunities at its downtown area, which includes several antique stores and boutiques. To learn more about Missouri, please check Vaultedwatches.

Just outside of Benton are other small towns such as New London and Madison that offer similar experiences but on a smaller scale. These towns feature local eateries and shops that give visitors an authentic taste of rural life in Missouri. Additionally, near Benton are larger cities like Hannibal and St Louis that offer more modern amenities such as restaurants, shopping centers, museums, theaters, and more. No matter what type of experience you’re looking for in Missouri’s rural countryside or big city attractions there is something nearby for everyone in Benton!

Benton, Missouri

Population of Benton, Missouri

Benton, Missouri is a small rural town located in the northwest corner of the state. It has a population of roughly 1,500 people as of 2019. The town is made up of mostly white individuals, though there are also smaller populations of African Americans and Hispanics. The median age in Benton is 39 years old, with an even split between males and females.

The majority of Benton’s population consists of families who have lived in the area for generations. Many of these families are farmers or work in related industries such as agriculture or livestock production. There is also a significant number of retired individuals who enjoy living in the peaceful countryside setting that Benton offers.

The town has seen some growth over the past few years due to its proximity to larger cities like Hannibal and St Louis. This influx of new residents has led to an increase in diversity in Benton’s population. There are now more Hispanic and African American residents as well as newcomers from other parts of the country who have relocated to Benton for employment opportunities or for retirement purposes.

Overall, Benton is a diverse community that offers something for everyone from young families to retirees alike. Its small-town charm combined with its close proximity to larger cities makes it an ideal spot for those looking for a rural lifestyle with modern amenities nearby!

Schools and Education in Benton, Missouri

Benton, Missouri has a robust educational system, with a variety of options available to both children and adults. The town is served by the Benton R-IV School District which is comprised of three schools: Benton Elementary, Benton Middle School and Benton High School. These schools provide quality education to students in kindergarten through 12th grade.

The elementary school offers students a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on reading, writing and math as well as social studies and science. Additionally, art classes are offered at the elementary level to give students an opportunity to explore their creative side.

At the middle school level, students can choose from several elective courses such as music, art or foreign language. They also have access to advanced placement classes in math and science for those who wish to challenge themselves academically.

The high school offers a wide range of courses including college prep classes as well as career-oriented classes such as auto mechanics and computer programming. Additionally, there are several extracurricular activities available such as sports teams and clubs that allow students to explore their interests outside of the classroom setting.

In addition to the public school system, there are also several private schools located in Benton that offer religious-based education from preschool through high school levels. Furthermore, there are adult education programs available for those looking to further their education or pursue training in a particular field or trade.

Overall, Benton provides its residents with a quality educational system that offers something for everyone from young children just starting out their academic journey all the way up through adults looking for professional development opportunities!

Places of Interest in Benton, Missouri

Benton, Missouri is a vibrant town full of places to explore and enjoy. The town has something for everyone from outdoor enthusiasts to history buffs.

For those looking for outdoor activities, Benton has plenty of options to choose from. The town is located near several state parks, including the Mark Twain State Park which offers visitors a variety of recreational opportunities such as camping, fishing, hiking, and boating. Additionally, the nearby Ten Mile Creek Conservation Area provides visitors with an opportunity to explore its many trails and take in views of the surrounding countryside.

History lovers can find plenty to appreciate in Benton as well. The town is home to several historic sites such as the Benton Courthouse Square which features several old buildings from the 1800s including a former schoolhouse and church. Additionally, there are several museums in the area that showcase artifacts from Benton’s past such as Native American artifacts and Civil War memorabilia.

Those looking for a more modern experience can find plenty of entertainment around town as well. There are several restaurants and bars located throughout downtown Benton offering everything from traditional American fare to international cuisine. Additionally, there are plenty of shopping opportunities ranging from antiques shops to clothing stores.

Overall, Benton provides its residents with a variety of places to explore and enjoy! Whether you’re looking for outdoor activities or cultural experiences, you’re sure to find something that suits your interest in this charming town!

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