Bedford, Massachusetts Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to Biotionary, Bedford, Massachusetts is a small town located in Middlesex County, just northwest of Boston. It is bordered by the towns of Carlisle to the north, Billerica to the east, Burlington to the southeast, Lexington to the south and Concord to the west. Bedford is a quiet and picturesque community with an abundance of natural beauty and a rich history.

The town of Bedford was officially established in 1729 after being taken from parts of Concord, Billerica and Lexington. It was named after John Russell, 4th Duke of Bedford who served as Secretary of State for both King George I and King George II. Throughout its history it has been home to many notable residents such as William Prescott who commanded American troops during the Battle of Bunker Hill in 1775 and Edward Everett who served as Governor of Massachusetts from 1836-1840.

The town’s main attractions are its gorgeous landscapes and outdoor activities that can be enjoyed year-round. The Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge covers over 2,000 acres within Bedford’s borders offering visitors a great opportunity for bird watching or simply taking in some fresh air while exploring nature trails. There are also several golf courses located nearby including The Links at Weston which offers stunning views as well as challenging play for experienced golfers.

Bedford is also home to many historic sites such as The Old Burying Ground which dates back to 1690 and features gravestones from some of Bedford’s earliest settlers along with monuments honoring veterans from different wars throughout US history. Another popular site is The Old Manse which was built in 1770 by Rev William Emerson and served as a gathering place for patriot leaders during the Revolutionary War era.

Those looking for more modern attractions can find plenty in Bedford too with shopping centers like The Mall at Prince Georges located just outside town along with several restaurants offering delicious local cuisine. There are also plenty of cultural events throughout the year such as concerts at Hanscom Air Force Base or outdoor movie screenings at nearby parks making it easy for anyone visiting this charming Massachusetts town to find something fun to do!

Bedford, Massachusetts

Population of Bedford, Massachusetts

According to, Bedford, Massachusetts is a town of approximately 13,000 people located in the Greater Boston area. It is a largely residential community with many single family homes and condominiums, as well as some larger apartment complexes. The median age of the population is 44 years old, with a slightly higher median age for males (45) than for females (43).

The racial makeup of Bedford is predominantly white, making up about 90% of the population. The remaining 10% is mostly made up of Asian and Hispanic populations. There are also small numbers of African American, Native American and other ethnicities represented in the population.

The primary language spoken in Bedford is English, with Spanish being the second most common language spoken by residents. Most people living in Bedford are US citizens; however there are some foreign-born residents who make up about 9% of the population.

The majority of Bedford’s residents are employed within two industries: professional and business services (which includes computer systems design and related services, engineering and management consulting), and education services (which includes elementary schools, secondary schools and colleges). Other notable industries include healthcare/social assistance (including hospitals and nursing care facilities), retail trade (including food stores) and construction.

The median household income in Bedford is $107,916 which is significantly higher than both state ($77,378) and national ($60,293) averages. The per capita income for Bedford’s residents stands at $48,841 which is also higher than state ($33,711) or national ($29,829) averages. In terms of education level attainment among adults aged 25 or older living in Bedford roughly half have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher while only 5% have not completed high school or obtained their GED equivalent.

Schools and Education in Bedford, Massachusetts

Bedford, Massachusetts is served by the Bedford Public Schools district, which consists of one high school, two middle schools and five elementary schools. The school system has a long history of academic excellence, with a strong focus on college preparatory courses and extracurricular activities.

At the high school level, students can choose from a wide range of courses including math, science, English language arts, social studies, foreign languages and more. Advanced Placement (AP) classes are also offered in many subjects. The school provides a variety of extracurricular activities including athletics (football, basketball and lacrosse), music (band and chorus) and visual arts programs.

The two middle schools offer similar course offerings to those at the high school level with an emphasis on preparing students for success in high school. In addition to core academics such as math and language arts they also offer elective classes such as physical education and health as well as technology-related classes like computer science. Extracurricular activities at the middle school level include clubs such as robotics or student council in addition to athletics programs like soccer or basketball.

The elementary schools offer core academics such as reading/language arts and mathematics but also have enrichment programs that focus on art or music appreciation for younger students. They also provide special education services for students who may require extra assistance in their learning environment.

In addition to the public schools there are several private educational institutions located within Bedford including Cristo Rey Boston High School which is a Catholic college preparatory school for low-income families; The Cambridge School of Weston which is an independent day/boarding college preparatory school; Montrose School which is an all-girls independent day/boarding college preparatory school; and St John’s Preparatory School which is an all-boys Catholic day/boarding college preparatory school.

Overall, Bedford provides its residents with access to excellent educational opportunities both publically through its public schools system as well as through private institutions located within the town’s boundaries. This ensures that all children living in Bedford have access to quality educational resources that will help them prepare for success both now and into their futures regardless of their economic background or family circumstances.

Places of Interest in Bedford, Massachusetts

Bedford, Massachusetts is an idyllic New England town located in Middlesex County, north of Boston. The town is well known for its rich history and stunning natural beauty, making it a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.

One of the most popular attractions in Bedford is the Minute Man National Historical Park. This park preserves the sites associated with the start of the American Revolutionary War and includes several trails to explore as well as monuments and memorials to commemorate the events that took place there. The park also features several museums dedicated to telling the stories of those who fought in the battle.

The Great Meadows Wildlife Refuge is another popular destination for nature lovers visiting Bedford. This refuge is home to a variety of wildlife including beavers, otters, turtles, birds and more. Visitors can take guided tours or explore on their own while enjoying spectacular views of wetlands and meadows along the way.

Bedford also offers visitors plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation including fishing in one of its many stocked ponds or hiking on one of its many trails. For those looking to stay active while visiting Bedford, there are several golf courses located within town limits as well as numerous parks where visitors can enjoy sports like tennis or basketball.

The town also boasts a thriving arts community with a variety of galleries showcasing local artists’ work as well as live performances at venues like The Regent Theatre or The Firehouse Center for the Arts where visitors can catch plays, musicals and more throughout the year.

For those looking for some retail therapy during their visit to Bedford, there are plenty of unique boutiques offering everything from handmade jewelry to vintage clothing items as well as local farmers markets where shoppers can find fresh produce from nearby farms along with artisanal foods and beverages.

Finally, no visit to Bedford would be complete without sampling some delicious local fare at one (or more!) of its many restaurants serving up everything from classic New England seafood dishes to modern interpretations on traditional favorites – all while taking in stunning views over nearby ponds or meadows!

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