Bedford, Indiana Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to Foodezine, Bedford, Indiana is a small city located in the heart of Lawrence County, just over an hour drive from Indianapolis. The city is bordered by the cities of Bloomington to the northwest, Mitchell to the east, and Oolitic to the south. Bedford is known for its rich history and culture, as well as its scenic views of rolling hills and lush forests.

The city of Bedford was founded in 1825 by settlers from North Carolina and Pennsylvania. It was named after John Bedford, a Revolutionary War veteran who fought at Fort Tippecanoe during the War of 1812. Today, Bedford is home to approximately 13,000 people and has a thriving economy based on manufacturing, agriculture, retail trade and tourism.

One of the most iconic places in Bedford is the historic downtown district. This area contains many colonial-style buildings that date back to its earliest days as a town. Here visitors can find unique shops and restaurants with old-world charm including several antique stores and specialty boutiques offering one-of-a-kind items from local artisans. There are also several historical sites such as Old City Hall which was built in 1887; The Millinery Building which was built in 1895; and The First National Bank which was built in 1906.

Not far from downtown Bedford lies Shawswick Township Park which features over 300 acres of recreational space including hiking trails, fishing ponds, picnic areas and much more. Visitors can also take advantage of nearby Lake Monroe for boating or swimming activities or explore nearby Hoosier National Forest for camping or biking trips.

Bedford’s cultural landscape is equally impressive with numerous festivals held throughout the year such as Sweet Corn Festival in August; a Fourth of July parade; an annual arts fair; an outdoor movie night; an old-fashioned Christmas parade; plus many more!

From its historical sites to its modern amenities – there’s something for everyone in Bedford! This small Indiana town offers visitors a chance to explore its vibrant culture while enjoying all that nature has to offer – come experience it all today!

Bedford, Indiana

Population of Bedford, Indiana

The population of Bedford, Indiana is around 13,000 people. The city’s population has grown significantly since its founding in 1825. Over the years, the city has welcomed new residents from all over the world who have come to call Bedford home.

The majority of Bedford’s population is white, with a smaller percentage of African-Americans and Hispanics. According to the 2010 census, whites make up about 89% of the population while African-Americans account for about 8% and Hispanics account for 2%.

Bedford’s age demographics are also quite varied with nearly one third of its population falling into either the 18-34 or 65+ age groups. The median age for Bedford residents is 42 years old. The median household income for Bedford stands at around $40,000 per year and approximately 12% of all households are living below the poverty line.

The city’s education levels vary with just over half of all adults having some form of college degree or higher while nearly a quarter have only completed high school or less. There are several educational institutions located in and around Bedford including public schools such as Oolitic Elementary School and Shawswick Middle School as well as private schools like St John Lutheran School and White River Christian Academy.

Bedford also has an active religious community with various churches representing different denominations including Baptist, Methodist and Catholic. In addition to this there are also several synagogues in town representing Judaism which demonstrate the city’s commitment to religious diversity and acceptance.

Overall, Bedford is a diverse community offering its residents a wide range of opportunities both academically and culturally while providing visitors with an exciting glimpse into small town life in Indiana!

Schools and Education in Bedford, Indiana

According to Fun-wiki, Bedford, Indiana is home to a number of educational institutions ranging from public schools to private academies. The public school system consists of Oolitic Elementary School, Shawswick Middle School, and Bedford North Lawrence High School. These schools provide students with a well-rounded education that includes core subjects such as math, English, science, and social studies as well as electives like art, music, physical education and foreign languages.

The town also has several private schools located within the city limits including St John Lutheran School and White River Christian Academy. St John Lutheran School is a K-8 school offering an education grounded in Christian values while White River Christian Academy serves grades K-12 with an emphasis on college readiness.

In addition to these options there are also several higher educational institutions located in the area including Indiana University at Bloomington which is just 40 miles away and Ivy Tech Community College which offers both two-year associate degrees and technical certifications.

Bedford residents have access to a number of scholarship opportunities as well including the Bedford Education Foundation Scholarship Program which awards scholarships to high school seniors who demonstrate academic excellence or community involvement. Other scholarship opportunities include the Bedford Rotary Club Scholarship Program which provides financial assistance for college tuition or other educational expenses for Bedford students.

Overall, Bedford is committed to providing its residents with quality educational opportunities that prepare them for success both in college and beyond!

Places of Interest in Bedford, Indiana

Bedford, Indiana is a small town full of interesting places to explore. Home to a number of historical sites, museums, and parks, Bedford is the perfect place for visitors to experience the unique culture and history of the region.

One popular spot in Bedford is the John Lowery Memorial Park which serves as a tribute to the town’s earliest settlers. The park features a playground, picnic area, and walking trails that are perfect for exploring on a sunny day. In addition to this park there are also several other outdoor areas that are great for hiking and camping including Hoosier National Forest and Yellowwood State Forest.

For those interested in learning more about the town’s history there are several museums located nearby including the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial which honors Abraham Lincoln’s childhood home in Indiana and the Lawrence County Museum which showcases artifacts from local history.

For visitors looking for something more modern there are plenty of options too! The Bedford Aquatic Center offers swimming pools, water slides, and other aquatic activities while Bedford Speedway hosts regular racing events throughout the summer months.

Overall, Bedford is full of interesting places for visitors to explore! Whether you’re looking for outdoor recreation or an educational experience you can find it all here in this small Indiana town.

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