Baxter Springs, Kansas Population, Schools and Places of Interest

Baxter Springs, Kansas is a small town located in the southeast corner of the state, just a few miles from the Oklahoma border. The area is surrounded by several other towns and cities, offering plenty to explore for visitors.

Just to the north of Baxter Springs lies Galena, Kansas – a small mining town with a rich history. The town’s downtown area is home to several historical buildings and landmarks, including an old railroad depot and several former miners’ homes. Visitors can also take part in outdoor activities like camping, fishing and golfing at one of the nearby courses.

To the east of Baxter Springs is Riverton, Kansas – another small town with plenty of history. Here visitors will find several museums dedicated to preserving the area’s past as well as numerous antique shops where you can find unique items from days gone by. There are also several parks in Riverton that offer great opportunities for outdoor recreation like hiking and biking trails as well as picnic areas.

Heading south from Baxter Springs you’ll reach Quapaw, Oklahoma – another small town with plenty to offer visitors. Quapaw has a lively downtown area full of restaurants, shops and entertainment venues like movie theaters and bowling alleys. There are also several art galleries displaying works by local artists as well as museums dedicated to preserving the region’s history and culture.

Finally, just west of Baxter Springs lies Miami, Oklahoma – a larger city offering more shopping and dining options than its smaller neighbors. Miami is home to both big-box stores and boutique shops selling everything from fashion items to home goods. There are also numerous restaurants serving up a variety of cuisines from around the world as well as plenty of entertainment venues like bars and clubs for those looking for some nightlife fun!

Baxter Springs, Kansas

Population of Baxter Springs, Kansas

Baxter Springs, Kansas is a small town with a population of approximately 4,500 people. The town is primarily composed of Caucasian residents, with a small percentage of African Americans and Native Americans living in the area. The median age of residents in Baxter Springs is 38 years old, slightly higher than the national average.

The majority of the population in Baxter Springs works in retail or service industries. There are also many small businesses located throughout the town that employ locals as well as visitors to the area. The unemployment rate in Baxter Springs is lower than both state and national averages, indicating that there are plenty of job opportunities available in the area.

Baxter Springs is a tight-knit community with an active civic life. Residents come together to celebrate holidays and special events throughout the year, including an annual Fourth of July parade and fireworks display. There are also a variety of local organizations dedicated to preserving the town’s history and culture as well as promoting civic engagement among its citizens.

Overall, Baxter Springs is a welcoming community with plenty to offer both its residents and visitors alike. With its quaint downtown area full of shops and restaurants, its numerous outdoor activities, and its friendly atmosphere, it’s no wonder why so many people choose to call this small town home!

Schools and Education in Baxter Springs, Kansas

According to andyeducation, Baxter Springs, Kansas is served by the Baxter Springs USD 508 school district. The district consists of one elementary school, one middle school, and one high school. All three schools are accredited by the Kansas State Department of Education and offer a wide range of educational opportunities for students in grades K-12.

At the elementary level, students are exposed to a variety of subjects including math, science, social studies, English language arts, and physical education. The curriculum is designed to give students a strong foundation in core academic subjects while also providing them with opportunities to explore their interests in art and music.

At the middle school level, students can take courses in more advanced topics such as algebra and geometry as well as electives like foreign language and technology classes. The high school offers a variety of college preparatory classes as well as career-focused programs that can help prepare students for life after graduation.

In addition to its traditional educational offerings, the Baxter Springs USD 508 school district also has a number of extracurricular activities available for students to participate in such as sports teams, theater performances, and academic clubs. There are also numerous community service projects that allow students to get involved with local organizations and make an impact on their community.

According to Anycountyprivateschools, Baxter Springs offers an excellent education system with plenty of options for both traditional classroom learning and extracurricular activities. With its dedicated faculty and staff working hard to ensure each student’s success within their educational journey, it’s no wonder why so many families choose this small town for their children’s education!

Places of Interest in Baxter Springs, Kansas

Baxter Springs, Kansas is home to a variety of places of interest that can keep visitors entertained and engaged. For those looking to explore the area’s history, the Baxter Springs Heritage Center and Museum offers an in-depth look at the town’s past as well as a collection of artifacts from the Civil War.

Nature lovers will enjoy visiting the nearby Cherokee County State Lake, where they can take in the sights and sounds of nature while fishing, camping, or just taking a leisurely stroll along its shores. In addition, Baxter Springs is also home to several parks such as Veterans Memorial Park and Liberty Park that offer outdoor activities like playgrounds and picnic areas for families to enjoy.

For those looking for some recreational activities, there are plenty of options available. The town is home to two golf courses – The Links at Eagle Creek and The Country Club at Eagle Creek – that provide challenging courses for all levels of golfers. Visitors can also take advantage of the nearby Big Brutus Mining Museum which features interactive exhibits about coal mining history in Kansas.

No visit to Baxter Springs would be complete without checking out its vibrant downtown area. Here visitors will find unique boutiques, art galleries, antique shops, restaurants, bars, and more all within walking distance from each other.

Overall, Baxter Springs has something for everyone! From museums and parks to golf courses and downtown attractions – it’s no wonder why so many people choose to call this small town home!

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