Bates City, Missouri Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to ALLCITYCODES.COM, Bates City, Missouri is a small town located in the northwest corner of the state. It is bordered by several other cities and towns, each with its own unique attractions and offerings for local residents and visitors. To the north of Bates City lies Lexington, Missouri, home to a variety of historical sites such as the Battle of Lexington State Historic Site and the Lexington Cemetery. Visitors can also explore downtown Lexington, which has an array of shops and restaurants to explore.

Heading south from Bates City is Odessa, Missouri. This city offers a variety of attractions such as the Odessa Historical Society Museum, which showcases artifacts from the town’s past including furniture, photographs and other memorabilia from its 19th century settlers. Additionally, visitors can take a stroll through downtown Odessa to enjoy its many shops and eateries.

Traveling east from Bates City leads to Carrollton, Missouri. This city offers a range of recreational activities for locals and visitors alike including golfing at Carrollton Country Club or fishing at Big Muddy National Wildlife Refuge. Additionally, Carrollton has several historic sites including the Thomas Hart Benton Home & Studio State Historic Site which features artwork from one of America’s most renowned painters.

Finally, heading west from Bates City will take you to Clinton, Missouri where you can explore various historical sites such as Clinton County Courthouse or visit cultural attractions like The Sappington-Concord Museum & Historical Society. There are also plenty of outdoor activities in Clinton such as camping at Pony Express Lake Park or hiking along one of many trails in nearby Rock Bridge Memorial State Park.

Bates City, Missouri

Population of Bates City, Missouri

Bates City, Missouri is a small town located in the northwest corner of the state. According to the latest census data, Bates City has a population of 1,906 people. The majority of the population is made up of Caucasian individuals (86.2%), followed by African-Americans (8.4%), Hispanics (2.2%) and Asians (1.4%). The median age for residents in Bates City is 45 years old, with 19% of residents under the age of 18 and 15% over 65 years old.

In terms of education level, 73% of adults over 25 have earned at least a high school diploma or equivalent while 11% have obtained a bachelor’s degree or higher. Additionally, 18% are currently enrolled in school or college courses and 8% have some college experience but no degree.

The average household size in Bates City is 2.58 people with an average household income of $46,917 per year. The majority of households are families (76%) while 24% are non-family households such as single-person homes or roommates living together. Furthermore, there are 437 veterans living in Bates City which make up 22% of the total population over 18 years old and 8% are foreign born residents from countries such as Mexico and India

Overall, Bates City is a diverse town with a variety of backgrounds represented among its residents including different ages, levels of education and ethnicities that make up this community’s unique culture and identity.

Schools and Education in Bates City, Missouri

According to TOPPHARMACYSCHOOLS, Bates City, Missouri is served by the Lexington R-V School District which consists of three schools: Bates City Elementary, Lexington Middle School, and Lexington High School. The district serves over 2,000 students in grades PreK-12 and employs about 180 teachers and staff members.

At Bates City Elementary, students in grades PreK-5 receive instruction in core subjects such as math, reading/language arts, science and social studies. Additionally, the school offers a variety of enrichment programs such as music, art and physical education. At Lexington Middle School students are offered a wide selection of electives such as band, choir and Spanish. The high school offers numerous Advanced Placement courses along with career/technical programs in areas like automotive technology or culinary arts.

In addition to traditional public schooling options, there are also several private schools located nearby including St. Stanislaus Catholic School which provides a faith-based education for students in grades K-8. There are also several higher education institutions located within 30 miles of Bates City including William Jewell College (a 4-year liberal arts college) and Metropolitan Community College (a 2-year community college).

Bates City is committed to providing its residents with quality educational opportunities that will help prepare them for their future academic or career pursuits. With a variety of public and private schools available within the district boundaries along with nearby higher education institutions, Bates City is an ideal place for families looking to invest in their children’s futures.

Places of Interest in Bates City, Missouri

Bates City, Missouri is a small town with plenty of places to explore and enjoy. The town is home to several parks and recreational areas including Lakeview Park which has a playground, picnic area and fishing pond. There is also the Bates City Sports Complex which offers four baseball/softball fields, two soccer fields, a concession stand, restroom facilities and more. For those looking for outdoor activities there are numerous hiking trails in the area as well as several golf courses nearby.

For those interested in history and culture, Bates City has many interesting attractions such as the Bates City Museum which houses artifacts from the town’s past such as tools and clothing dating back to the 1800s. Additionally, there are several historic buildings located in town including the Old Red Brick Church which was built in 1871; this church still holds services on Sundays.

For those looking for entertainment options, Bates City has an array of restaurants ranging from casual diners to upscale eateries. There are also several bars and clubs located throughout town offering live music or karaoke on certain nights of the week. Additionally, there is a movie theater located downtown that shows current films as well as classic favorites.

In conclusion, Bates City offers something for everyone; whether you’re looking for outdoor recreation options or cultural attractions you can find it here. With its variety of parks, museums and other places of interest this small town provides visitors with numerous ways to explore its history and culture while having fun at the same time!

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