Barnesville, Ohio Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to ALLCITYCODES.COM, Barnesville, Ohio is a small town located in the Appalachian foothills of southeastern Ohio. The town is bordered by several other cities and towns, each with their own unique culture and attractions.

To the north of Barnesville lies St. Clairsville, Ohio. This city is home to a variety of historic sites including the Belmont County Courthouse and the National Road Museum. St. Clairsville also boasts a number of recreational activities such as golfing, biking and hiking trails, as well as plenty of shops and restaurants for visitors to explore.

To the east of Barnesville lies Cambridge, Ohio which offers visitors plenty to do from shopping at its historic downtown area to exploring its many parks and trails. Cambridge also hosts a number of cultural events throughout the year such as music festivals, art shows and farmers markets.

To the south of Barnesville lies Wheeling, West Virginia which is known for its historical sites such as Mount Wood Park and Centre Market Square. Wheeling also hosts a number of festivals throughout the year including the Wheeling Heritage Music Festival and Taste of Home Festival which offer visitors plenty to do while they’re in town.

Finally, to the west lies Bellaire, Ohio which offers visitors plenty to explore from its quaint downtown area to its numerous parks and trails that line the banks of the Ohio River. Bellaire also hosts a variety of events throughout the year including an annual holiday parade during December that brings out thousands from around the region!

From historic sites to recreational activities there’s something for everyone in Barnesville’s neighboring cities and towns! Whether you’re looking for culture or outdoor adventure you can find it all in this part of southeastern Ohio!

Barnesville, Ohio

Population of Barnesville, Ohio

Barnesville, Ohio is a small town located in the Appalachian foothills of southeastern Ohio. According to the most recent census, the population of Barnesville is 3,717 people. The town has a diverse population with individuals from all different backgrounds, ethnicities and walks of life.

The majority of Barnesville’s population is made up of white individuals (90%), followed by African-Americans (4%) and Hispanics (3%). The town also has a small but growing Asian population at 1%. In terms of religious affiliation, the majority of the population identifies as Christian (93%) with a smaller percentage identifying as other faiths such as Judaism and Islam (4%).

The median age for Barnesville residents is 37 years old which is slightly lower than the national average. The median household income in Barnesville is $38,853 which is considerably lower than the national average. However, due to its low cost of living and close proximity to larger cities like Pittsburgh and Cleveland, many people are attracted to living in this small town.

Overall, Barnesville’s population is made up of diverse individuals from all different backgrounds who come together to create a strong sense of community and pride in their hometown. From its friendly atmosphere to its abundance of recreational activities there’s something for everyone in this small Appalachian town!

Schools and Education in Barnesville, Ohio

According to TOPPHARMACYSCHOOLS, Barnesville, Ohio is home to a number of schools and educational institutions that serve the town’s population. The Barnesville Local School District is the main educational provider for the town and consists of three elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. The district also offers alternative education programs for students who need extra support or are at risk of dropping out.

In addition to public schools, Barnesville also has several private schools including a Montessori school and a Catholic school. These private institutions offer smaller class sizes and more individualized instruction than the public school system.

Barnesville High School is the largest educational institution in town with an enrollment of about 600 students. The high school offers a variety of courses including English, math, science, social studies, foreign languages and electives such as art and music. Students can also participate in extracurricular activities such as sports teams or clubs that meet after school hours.

The small town also has several higher education opportunities available to its residents including nearby colleges like Belmont College in St Clairsville or Ohio University in Athens which are both within an hour drive from Barnesville.

Overall, Barnesville provides its residents with a variety of educational opportunities from elementary through college level classes. With its small-town atmosphere and close proximity to larger cities like Pittsburgh and Cleveland there’s something for everyone when it comes to education in this Appalachian town!

Places of Interest in Barnesville, Ohio

Barnesville, Ohio is a small Appalachian town with plenty of places to explore and enjoy. From historic sites to outdoor recreation, the town offers something for everyone.

The Barnesville Historical Society Museum is a great place to start when exploring the history of the town. The museum houses artifacts from the area’s past such as old newspapers, photographs, and even a collection of local pottery. The museum also offers educational programs for both children and adults.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Barnesville has several parks and trails which make for great hikes or bike rides. The National Road Trail is a popular spot for biking or walking and runs through the town’s historic downtown area. There are also several smaller parks in Barnesville with playgrounds, picnic areas, and sports fields available to visitors.

The town also features some unique attractions such as the Little Beaver Creek Greenway Trail which spans over 25 miles from Belmont County Park to Shadyside Lake Park in nearby St Clairsville. The trail follows along Little Beaver Creek and offers scenic views of nature along its route.

There are also plenty of places to shop in Barnesville including antique stores, specialty shops, and art galleries that feature local artwork from area artists. Visitors can also find restaurants ranging from traditional American fare to Italian cuisine as well as pubs where they can grab a bite or drink after exploring the town’s attractions.

Overall, Barnesville has something for everyone whether you’re looking for history or just want to take in some fresh air while enjoying nature!

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