Auburn, Michigan Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to, Auburn, Michigan is a small town located in the heart of Mid-Michigan, just a few miles from the Michigan-Ohio border. This quaint community is surrounded by a variety of neighboring towns and cities, each offering its own unique attractions, activities and sights to explore.

To the north of Auburn lies Saginaw County, home to Saginaw City and Bay City. These two cities are situated on the banks of the Saginaw River and offer visitors plenty of things to do such as shopping, dining and nightlife. Additionally, there are several museums in both cities that feature exhibits on local history and culture.

To the east lies Genesee County which is home to Flint City. Flint is known for its iconic auto industry landmarks such as Kettering University and The Durant Automotive Museum. It also has plenty of parks, trails and recreational areas for visitors to explore while they’re in town.

Lapeer County lies south of Auburn with Lapeer city at its center. This historic city was founded in 1832 and has plenty of attractions for visitors including an outdoor market full of locally made goods, a charming downtown area with boutique shops and restaurants as well as several museums dedicated to local history.

Heading west from Auburn brings you into Tuscola County where you’ll find Caro City located on the banks of Cass River Lake. Caro offers visitors plenty of outdoor activities such as fishing, boating or hiking along one of its many trails that wind through nearby woods or along the lake shoreline.

Finally, rounding out our tour around Auburn is Sanilac County which features Sandusky city located on Lake Huron’s shores. This picturesque city offers visitors plenty to do such as exploring its historic downtown area or visiting one of many parks scattered throughout town like Maple Bay Park or Sandusky State Park which features a beach for swimming during summer months.

With all these neighboring towns surrounding Auburn it’s no wonder why so many people come here each year! Whether you’re looking for some outdoor adventure or just want to explore local culture there’s something here for everyone!

Auburn, Michigan

Population of Auburn, Michigan

According to Bestitude, Auburn, Michigan is a small town located in the heart of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. The town has an estimated population of 1,907 people as of 2019 and covers an area of 1.79 square miles. The median age in Auburn is 40 years old and the median household income is $50,868.

The racial makeup of Auburn is predominantly white (93%), with black or African American being the second largest race (4%). Other races represented make up less than 3% combined, including Asian, Native American/Alaskan Native and Hawaiian/Pacific Islander. In terms of religious affiliation, most residents identify as Christian (52%), with non-Christian faiths making up a smaller percentage (10%).

The town has a diverse economy that includes small businesses such as restaurants, retail stores and local services. There are also several large manufacturing companies located nearby that employ many residents. The unemployment rate in Auburn is 4%, which is lower than the national average and indicative of a thriving local economy.

Education in Auburn is provided by two schools: Auburn Elementary School for grades K-5 and Bay City Western Middle/High School for grades 6-12. Both schools are part of the Bay City Public Schools system and offer students a variety of courses to choose from including math, science, social studies and language arts.

Auburn offers its residents plenty to do in their free time such as visiting one of the many parks or nature preserves located nearby or shopping at one of the local boutiques or antique stores downtown. There are also several restaurants offering everything from traditional American fare to international cuisine for those looking for something different.

Overall, Auburn is a vibrant small town with plenty to offer its residents as well as visitors from outside the area looking to explore what it has to offer! From its diverse population to its thriving economy there’s something here for everyone!

Schools and Education in Auburn, Michigan

Education in Auburn, Michigan is provided by two schools: Auburn Elementary School and Bay City Western Middle/High School. Auburn Elementary School serves students in grades K-5 and is part of the Bay City Public Schools system. The school offers a variety of courses including math, science, social studies, and language arts to help students prepare for their future. The school also provides a variety of extracurricular activities such as sports teams, clubs, and after-school programs to keep students engaged in learning outside the classroom.

Bay City Western Middle/High School serves grades 6-12 and offers a wide range of courses from which students can choose from to customize their education experience. The school also has a variety of extracurricular activities such as sports teams, clubs, and after-school programs for students to participate in. Both schools are committed to providing quality education for all students regardless of race or socio-economic status.

In addition to these two schools there are also several private schools located in the area that provide alternative educational options for families who prefer them. These private schools offer a more structured learning environment with smaller class sizes and additional resources that may not be available at public schools.

The town of Auburn is also home to several higher education institutions including Delta College which offers associate’s degrees in a variety of subjects as well as certificate programs; Central Michigan University which offers bachelor’s degrees; Saginaw Valley State University which offers master’s degrees; and Northwood University which offers doctoral degrees. All these institutions provide residents with access to higher learning opportunities that might otherwise not be available nearby.

Overall, Auburn provides its residents with access to quality education from elementary school through college level studies. With its diverse population, thriving economy, and excellent educational opportunities it is no wonder why so many people choose to call this small town home!

Places of Interest in Auburn, Michigan

Auburn, Michigan is a small rural town with a population of just over 1,600 people. Despite its size, Auburn has much to offer in terms of places of interest. From historical sites to outdoor activities, Auburn has something for everyone.

One of the most popular attractions in Auburn is the historic US-12 Heritage Trail. This scenic drive passes through several towns and cities in Michigan and offers beautiful views of lakes, forests, and farmland. Along the way there are many historical sites including the World War II Memorial in Battle Creek and the historic downtowns of Adrian and Hillsdale.

Another great place to visit is the Bay City State Recreation Area which offers camping, fishing, swimming, boating, hiking trails, and more. This state park also houses a variety of wildlife including deer, foxes, beavers, muskrats and more. Visitors can also take part in guided tours or educational programs which provide insight into local history and ecology.

The nearby cities of Bay City and Midland also offer plenty for visitors to do. In Bay City visitors can explore museums such as the Saginaw Valley Naval Ship Museum or take part in festivals like the annual River Roar boat race on Saginaw Bay. Midland is home to Dow Gardens where visitors can admire over 170 acres of gardens filled with flowers as well as a butterfly house where visitors can observe butterflies up close.

Finally, there are many outdoor activities available for those who enjoy spending time outdoors in Auburn such as golfing at one of two courses or canoeing down the Cass River which runs through town. The city is also home to several parks including Fosters Park which offers playgrounds and picnic areas perfect for families with kids or those looking for a relaxing day outdoors.

Overall, Auburn provides plenty for both residents and visitors alike to explore and enjoy! Whether you’re looking for history lessons or outdoor adventures there’s something here for everyone!

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