Atwater, California Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to ehuacom, Atwater, California is a small city located in the Central Valley region of the state. It is bordered by several cities and towns including Merced to the north, Winton to the east, Livingston to the south, and Turlock to the west. Together these cities make up what is known as the “Golden Triangle” and offer a variety of attractions for visitors including museums, historical sites, shopping centers, restaurants and more.

Merced is located just 10 miles north of Atwater and offers an array of attractions for visitors. The Merced County Museum features displays on local history as well as artifacts from around the world. Additionally, there are a number of parks located throughout Merced such as Applegate Park which features a lake with fishing opportunities as well as walking trails.

Winton is located just 6 miles east of Atwater and is home to several attractions such as Castle Air Museum which features displays on military aircrafts from World War II through present day. Additionally, there are several shopping centers throughout Winton offering a variety of stores such as clothing boutiques and antique shops.

Livingston lies just 8 miles south of Atwater and offers visitors plenty of things to do including visiting Castle Air Museum which showcases vintage aircrafts from World War II through present day. Additionally, there are several parks located throughout Livingston such as Lions Park which features basketball courts, baseball fields, playgrounds and picnic areas.

Finally, Turlock lies just 12 miles west of Atwater and offers visitors plenty to do including visiting Carnegie Arts Center which showcases works by local artists in addition to hosting musical performances throughout the year. Additionally, there are several shopping centers throughout Turlock offering a variety of stores ranging from clothing boutiques to specialty shops selling local goods.

Atwater’s location in between these four cities makes it an ideal destination for those looking for something different while still having access to all that Northern California has to offer.

Atwater, California

Population of Atwater, California

Atwater, California is located in Merced County in Northern California and has a population of 28,168 according to the 2019 United States Census. The city is situated between the cities of Merced to the north, Winton to the east, Livingston to the south, and Turlock to the west. Together these cities make up what is known as the “Golden Triangle” and offer a variety of attractions for visitors.

Atwater is a diverse community with a population that reflects its diversity. According to recent census data, approximately 44% of Atwater’s population identifies as Hispanic or Latino while another 37% identify as Caucasian. Additionally, around 8% of Atwater’s population identifies as African American and 4% identify as Asian. Other racial groups make up less than 1%.

The median age in Atwater is 27 years old with those between ages 25-34 making up the largest age group at 24%. Those under 18 make up 19%, those between 18-24 make up 16%, those between 35-44 make up 14%, those between 45-54 make up 11%, those between 55-64 make up 6%, and those 65+ account for only 1%.

Atwater has an above average number of married couples with 35% being married households compared to 28% nationally. Additionally, there are more homeowners in Atwater than renters (59% vs 41%) compared to national averages (63% vs 37%). The median household income in Atwater is $48,867 which is slightly lower than state averages ($62,971).

Atwater has seen steady growth in recent years with an increase of over 7% since 2010 according to census data. This growth can be attributed mainly to its location near major cities such as Merced and Turlock which offer plenty of job opportunities for residents. Additionally, its proximity to popular attractions like Yosemite National Park has also helped attract new residents looking for an outdoor lifestyle close by.

Schools and Education in Atwater, California

According to EDUCATIONVV.COM, Atwater is served by the Atwater Elementary School District and the Merced Union High School District. The Atwater Elementary School District consists of six elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school. The Merced Union High School District includes two high schools, Atwater High School and Buhach Colony High School.

Atwater has an overall graduation rate of nearly 90%, which is well above the state average of 83%. The district also offers a variety of Advanced Placement classes and other honors courses to help students reach their academic goals. Additionally, the district provides a number of extracurricular activities such as sports teams, band, choir, theater arts and more.

Atwater is home to several higher education institutions including Merced College, California State University Stanislaus (CSU Stanislaus), National University and University of California Merced (UC Merced). Merced College is a community college that offers associate degree programs in various fields such as business administration, health sciences and technology. CSU Stanislaus is a four-year university located in Turlock that offers bachelor’s degrees in areas like education and business administration. National University is an online institution located in San Diego that offers master’s degrees in subjects like nursing and criminal justice. Finally, UC Merced is a public research university that offers undergraduate degrees in fields such as engineering and environmental science.

Atwater also has several private schools for K-12 students including Atwater Christian Academy, St Anthony’s Catholic School and Atwater Adventist Academy. These schools offer religious-based education along with the traditional course curriculum found in public schools.

Atwater residents have access to quality primary through tertiary educational opportunities right at their doorsteps; making it an attractive place to live for families looking for excellent schooling options for their children. With its diverse population and wide variety of educational options available to its residents; Atwater provides an excellent environment for children to grow academically while experiencing different cultures from around the world.

Places of Interest in Atwater, California

Atwater, California is a small city located in Merced County. It is home to approximately 28,000 people and is known for its diverse population and vibrant culture. The city has a rich history that dates back to the mid-1800s when it was founded by settlers from the East Coast. In recent years, Atwater has become an attractive destination for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of larger cities.

Atwater offers a wide variety of attractions for visitors and residents alike. For those interested in history and architecture, there are numerous historic buildings located throughout the city. One of the most popular sites is the Atwater City Hall, which was built in 1895 and still stands today as an example of early 20th century architecture. Other notable landmarks include The Carnegie Library, which was built in 1910; The Bank of Atwater Building, which was constructed in 1912; and The Hogue Building, which dates back to 1918.

Those looking for outdoor activities can enjoy fishing at nearby Lake McClure or take part in one of Atwater’s many parks such as Castle Air Museum Park or Lions Club Park. Other attractions include Castle Air Museum, which showcases vintage aircraft from World War II through Vietnam; Castle Air Force Base Museum, which highlights the history of the base; and Pioneer Village at Castle Air Park where visitors can learn about local history through interactive exhibits and displays.

Atwater also offers a variety of dining options ranging from casual eateries to fine dining restaurants. Popular restaurants include El Tapatio Mexican Restaurant & Bar, Las Palmas Mexican Restaurant & Bar, L&L Hawaiian Barbecue and Thai Garden Restaurant & Bar. Shopping enthusiasts will find plenty to explore with stores such as Walmart Supercenter, Target Store, Kohl’s Department Store and Atwater Plaza Shopping Center all located within the city limits.

Finally, no visit to Atwater would be complete without exploring one of its many nature preserves such as Sycamore Island Preserve or White Slough Wildlife Area where visitors can observe local wildlife while taking part in recreational activities such as bird watching or hiking trails along with fishing ponds stocked with largemouth bass.

With so much to do and see it’s easy to see why so many people are drawn to this charming little town nestled in California’s Central Valley region!

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