Attractions in Stockholm

If you have a penchant for culture and history, then Stockholm is a city that should be on your “merit list”. According to Abbreviation Finder, Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden. There are many great sights here, especially within museums and venerable buildings.

A city rich in culture and history

Gamla Stan
Gamla Stan is the venerable district of Stockholm that is best preserved from its origins in the 17th and 18th centuries. It is a favorite tourist destination for those who want to relax a bit from the stressful main streets, while the district also has a vibrant artery with both nightclubs, restaurants, tourist shops and the like. Gamla Stan also has a number of interesting museums that will pique the interest of those interested in history, and we recommend that you set aside at least one day to discover this historical gem.

The fantastic architecture

Djurgården and Skansen
Outdoor lovers must set aside at least one day to visit Djurgården, which is the most beautiful and lush island in Stockholm. This is a quiet island where you can both enjoy a good meal at a restaurant, or stop by a museum. The island is perhaps the most family-friendly part of Stockholm, where the experiences are in a row. Close to Djurgården you will also find Skansen, which is the zoo in the Swedish capital. A visit here will offer encounters with everything from wild, Nordic animals to some slightly more exotic animals from other continents.

Experience Nordic Venice

Drottningholm Castle
Are you impressed with the Norwegian castle? Then you should stop by the royal castle in Stockholm, namely Drottningholm’s castle. It was built in the 17th century and is one of the works listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is a sight you can not avoid visiting if you are in the Swedish capital, and the castle is by the way the Swedish royal family’s daily residence. Nevertheless, guided tours are arranged both inside and outside the castle.


Monteliusvagen is a cozy and beautifully landscaped scenic road located about 10 minutes walk from Stockholm city center. The road is about 500 meters long and has a great panoramic view of Stockholm. If you want a short walk, at the same time as you get to see Stockholm from one of the city’s highest points, a walk along Monteliusvagen is a nice little excursion.

The warship Vasa

Gröna Lund The
amusement park Gröna Lund is one of Stockholm’s most attractive tourist attractions, and is located on Djurgården. The amusement park may not be as well known as its big brother in Gothenburg, but still offers a lot of fun for the whole family. In addition to a number of carousels and roller coasters, concerts are often held in the amusement park, and major artists such as The Hives, Timbuktu and Turboneger are among the artists who have recently been on stage.


Kristen eller ei – the venerable Storkyrkan in the center of Stockholm deserves a visit. Its history is not yet fully known, but it is known that it was mentioned as early as the 13th century. The building is well preserved and is located in the city’s old town, Gamla Stan.

ABBA Museum 2

The Vasa Museum
In 1668, one of the largest warships of the time, Vaasa, was launched in Stockholm. Due to a design error, the warship sank on the maiden voyage outside Beckholmen in Stockholm’s inlet. In 1956 the ship was found by divers and in 1961 the ship was raised. The ship was in very good condition and an extensive restoration work was started to preserve the ship for posterity. The ship together with a number of the artifacts that were found can now be seen at Vasamsuset.

City Hall City
Hall is Stockholm City Hall and is one of the city’s most beautiful and most photographed buildings. The building is also every year the venue for the Nobel Ceremony. The town hall is open for guided tours and it is well worth taking a trip to one of these guided tours.

Mysteriespill i Stockholm


Mystery games, or so-called “escape rooms” have gradually become a popular activity that can be found in several big cities around. The game is about being placed in a room, and then you have to solve puzzles and puzzles in the room to be able to “escape” within a specified time. Escape Stories in Stockholm is recommended if you like such a challenge.


A walk along the parade street Strandvagen in Östermalm in central Stockholm is definitely recommended. Here you can stroll along the sea, look at nice buildings and soak up the atmosphere. Strandvagen is 1 kilometer long and there are several restaurants and restaurants here as well. The walk along Strandvagen is often combined with a trip to the Vasa Museum and Djurgården.

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