Attractions in Kyoto

For most people, visiting a place on earth will mean something extra. Here maybe they will only visit this place once in a lifetime, and then you will want to see things you can remember. Maybe Kyoto in Japan is such a place. Yes, either that, or you will fall so in love with the culture and the city that you visit it every year. Whatever the case, there will be some things that are worth seeing in this city. Here you get a taste of that product.

Ryoan-ji – 16th-century Zen temple

When you are the one who likes architecture and buildings as well as a country’s culture and beautiful nature, you will be the one who is suitable for a visit to the Ryoan-ji temple. Is it then that you like Asian martial arts, and then combine this with knowledge about Zen Buddhism. Yes, then this is a given visit for you. Here you will find the beautiful temple, to then find a wonderful nature, with large water and a fantastic garden for a moment of rest and meditation. After this you are hungry, and then there is a Yudofu restaurant.

Nishiki Market – Kyoto’s traditional market

When you are in Kyoto, you will want to breathe in the Japanese lifestyle. This is strangely enough something that happens to everyone who pays a visit to Japan. With that said, you will not be able to miss Nishiki Market, which is a giant market with lots of Japanese traditional ingredients for cooking, and you will also find a large selection of ready-made food to try.

Maruyama Park – Kyoto Botanical Garden

Have you ever visited the Botanical Garden in Gothenburg. Yes, then know what a garden should look like. Yes, you thought. A visit to Maruyama Park will make your Swedish memories fade. This is about peace, a restful environment and gardening at its best. Quite simply, this park is something you must not miss. If you do, it can be compared to never setting foot in Kyoto.

Kyoto Tower – Climb to heights in Japan

According to ejinhua, another visit that is almost a must if you do not suffer from fear of heights is a visit to the Kyoto Tower. You who want to see the whole city will from this point be able to do it in an hour. In any case, this is of course just a vantage point, but you who want to see a good panoramic picture of the place you are visiting will find your heaven. In any case, it is difficult to get closer.

There is a lot to see in Kyoto

Something you must not miss and which does not have to mean that you have to go to a special place, is the good food. Here is Japan and in fact especially Kyoto, well known for its sushi. Do you miss to try such a restaurant and the enormously fresh food with high quality. Yes, then this will also count as if you would never have set foot in Japan. Of course, those who do not like fish are not affected.

Attractions in Kyoto not to be missed

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