Attapulgus, Georgia Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to Foodezine, Attapulgus, Georgia is a small city located in Decatur County. It is bordered by several cities and towns that offer an abundance of attractions and activities. To the south, the town of Bainbridge is just a short drive away, offering visitors a variety of shopping and dining options. The city also has several museums and historical sites to explore, including the Bainbridge-Decatur County Historical Museum, which displays artifacts from the area’s history.

Just north of Attapulgus lies the small town of Climax, home to many outdoor recreation areas such as the South Georgia State Park and Lake Seminole Park. These parks offer fishing, boating, camping and other recreational activities for visitors to enjoy. For those looking for more cultural attractions, Climax has an art gallery featuring local artists as well as a farmers market where visitors can purchase fresh produce and other items.

To the west of Attapulgus lies another small town called Brinson. This quaint little community offers some unique attractions such as the Brinson Watermelon Festival which takes place every summer, celebrating this local delicacy with food vendors and live music performances. The town also has its own public library which houses a collection of books related to local history and culture.

Finally, just east of Attapulgus is Quincy – another small town with plenty to do. Here visitors can find several restaurants serving up delicious Southern cuisine as well as some interesting shops selling antiques and handmade items from local artisans. For those looking to get out into nature there are plenty of parks in Quincy too including Tom’s Creek Nature Preserve – home to hiking trails through its forests full of wildlife – making it an ideal spot for birdwatching or simply enjoying some peace and quiet away from it all!

Attapulgus, Georgia

Population of Attapulgus, Georgia

According to Fun-wiki, Attapulgus, Georgia is a small city located in Decatur County with a population of 1,851 according to the latest census. The population has remained relatively stable over the past decade, with only a slight uptick in growth in recent years. The city is comprised of a diverse demographic, with whites making up the majority of the population at 59%, followed by African Americans at 34% and other races making up the remaining 7%.

The median age of Attapulgus residents is 38.3 years old, slightly lower than the national median age of 38.7 years old. The city also has a slightly higher percentage of people aged 65 and over when compared to the rest of Georgia – 17% compared to 15%. The median household income in Attapulgus is $36,818 per year, which is much lower than the national average of $61,937 per year.

The city also has an unemployment rate that is slightly higher than the state average – 6% compared to 4%. This could be due to its rural location and lack of economic opportunities available outside farming or small businesses. Despite this, Attapulgus remains a vibrant community with plenty to offer both visitors and locals alike. With its rich history and culture as well as its close proximity to other cities and towns in Decatur County it’s no wonder why so many people choose to call Attapulgus home!

Schools and Education in Attapulgus, Georgia

Attapulgus is served by the Decatur County School District and features two public schools: Attapulgus Elementary School and Attapulgus High School. The elementary school serves grades Pre-K through 5th, while the high school serves grades 6th through 12th. Both schools strive to provide an excellent education in a safe and supportive environment and are committed to meeting the needs of all students.

The elementary school offers a range of programs, including special education services, gifted and talented programs, English as a second language (ESL) classes, and after-school clubs and activities. The high school also provides a wide variety of academic opportunities for its students, including Advanced Placement (AP) courses, career technical education programs, fine arts classes, competitive sports teams, and more.

Attapulgus is also home to several private schools offering religious-based educational options for parents who wish to provide their children with an alternative learning experience. These schools include St. Paul’s Catholic School and Attapulgus Christian Academy which both provide quality education based on Christian principles and values.

In addition to these educational options, Attapulgus is also home to Bainbridge State College which offers associate degrees in various disciplines such as business administration, criminal justice, health sciences, information technology management and more. The college also provides continuing education courses for those looking to further their knowledge or gain new skills in any number of areas.

Overall, Attapulgus boasts a strong educational system that strives to meet the needs of all students regardless of their background or circumstances. From public schools that offer a variety of programs to private religious institutions as well as higher learning opportunities at Bainbridge State College – residents have plenty of options when it comes time for their children’s education!

Places of Interest in Attapulgus, Georgia

Attapulgus, Georgia is a small town located in Decatur County. With its close proximity to major cities like Albany and Tallahassee, Attapulgus offers the best of both worlds – rural living with easy access to big city amenities. The town boasts a variety of attractions that make it an ideal place to live, work, and play.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Attapulgus has plenty of parks and recreational areas to explore. The town’s main park is Veterans Memorial Park which features a playground area, baseball field, basketball court, and walking trail. Other local parks include Piney Woods Park which includes picnic tables, grills, and pavilions; and Riverside Park which is home to a fishing pond as well as nature trails perfect for exploring the local wildlife.

Attapulgus also has several historical attractions for visitors interested in learning more about the town’s past. One notable landmark is the Old Attapulgus Courthouse which was built in 1855 and served as the county seat until 1908 when it was replaced by another courthouse in nearby Bainbridge. The courthouse still stands today and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The town also features several locally owned restaurants such as Big Daddy’s Barbecue which serves up delicious smoked meats; PJ’s Country Kitchen which offers classic Southern comfort food; and Café de Chocolat which specializes in desserts made with Belgian chocolate. Additionally, there are several shops located throughout Attapulgus where visitors can find unique gifts or souvenirs to take home with them.

Overall, Attapulgus is a charming rural community that provides plenty of activities for residents and visitors alike. From outdoor recreation areas to historical landmarks to great restaurants – there’s something for everyone in this small Georgia town!

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