Athens, Wisconsin Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to, Athens, Wisconsin is a small town located in Marathon County, just south of Wausau. This idyllic town is bordered by several other small towns and cities that offer their own unique attractions and amenities.

To the north of Athens lies the city of Wausau, Wisconsin. This mid-sized city is home to numerous attractions such as the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, the Grand Theater, and the Wausau Center Mall. Wausau also has numerous outdoor recreation opportunities such as hiking trails at Rib Mountain State Park and Nine Mile Forest Recreation Area.

Heading east from Athens, you will find the small town of Edgar. This quaint town offers visitors a variety of local shops including antique stores, art galleries, and gift shops as well as a variety of restaurants and bars to explore. Edgar also hosts a number of annual events such as Music in the Park in June and Edgar Community Days in August.

To the south lies Marathon City which features a number of historic sites including The Old Mill State Park which features an old flour mill from 1875 that was once used to grind wheat for local farmers. There are also plenty of outdoor activities available in Marathon City such as hiking trails at Dells Creek State Natural Area or fishing at Jordan Lake County Park.

Finally, to the west lies Abbotsford which is home to several unique attractions such as The Abbotsford Historical Society Museum which houses artifacts from Abbotsford’s history dating back to 1887. Abbotsford also offers visitors plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities with its many parks including Veterans Memorial Park where visitors can enjoy picnicking or playing on its playgrounds.

Athens, Wisconsin is surrounded by many interesting towns and cities that offer something for everyone whether it’s exploring historical sites or enjoying outdoor activities like fishing or hiking trails. With so much to do within close proximity to Athens, visitors are sure to have an enjoyable stay while exploring this charming area!

Athens, Wisconsin

Population of Athens, Wisconsin

The population of Athens, Wisconsin is currently estimated at 1,846 people. This figure has remained relatively stable since the last census in 2010, when the population was reported as 1,827. The vast majority of residents are White (95%), with small minority populations of African American (1.5%), Asian (1.2%), and Hispanic/Latino (1.3%). The median age of the town is 39 years old, with a median household income of $40,474 and a poverty rate of 15%. Most residents are employed in blue-collar occupations such as production and transportation careers, making up 31% of the workforce. Education levels are higher than average for the state; 45% have obtained at least an associate’s degree or higher. The town enjoys a strong sense of community with many local festivals and events throughout the year that bring people together to celebrate their shared heritage and culture.

Schools and Education in Athens, Wisconsin

According to ACT-TEST-CENTERS, Athens, Wisconsin is served by the Athens Area School District, which consists of three schools: Athens Elementary, Athens Middle School, and Athens High School. The district is known for its commitment to excellence in education with an emphasis on providing a well-rounded educational experience for all students. Athens High School offers a wide range of college preparatory and honors courses as well as extracurricular activities such as athletics, music, drama and art. The school also provides services to support students with special needs. In addition to the high school, the district also has two elementary schools that provide a comprehensive curriculum focused on developing literacy skills and critical thinking.

In terms of academic performance, students in the Athens Area School District consistently score above average on state assessments. The district’s graduation rate is very high at 95%, indicating that students are successful in completing their coursework and earning their diplomas. In addition to strong academics, the district also focuses on providing career and technical education courses to help prepare students for postsecondary education or entering the workforce directly after high school graduation. These programs range from automotive technology to business management and more. The goal is to provide career-readiness skills that will serve Athena’s youth long after they have left school grounds.

Places of Interest in Athens, Wisconsin

Athens, Wisconsin is a small town with a rich history and plenty of places to explore. The town is known for its beautiful parks, trails, and outdoor activities. The Athens Municipal Park is a great place to take a stroll or have a picnic. It features playgrounds, pavilions, and sports fields. Other parks in the area include the Athens Veterans Memorial Park and the Athens Nature Preserve. These two parks offer visitors the chance to explore nature and wildlife in their own backyard.

The town also boasts several historical sites that are open for tours by appointment. The Athens Historic Depot Museum is located in an old train station that was built in 1908 and offers visitors the opportunity to learn about the history of railroading in Wisconsin. Another notable site is the Eau Claire Logging Camp Museum which showcases artifacts from logging camps in Wisconsin’s northwoods region from around 1900-1920s.

For those interested in shopping, there are several local stores where you can find unique items such as antiques, collectibles, books, jewelry, handmade crafts and more. There are also several restaurants offering delicious cuisine ranging from classic comfort food to international flavors.

Finally, Athens has plenty of cultural activities going on throughout the year including live music performances at local venues such as The Jam Factory; art galleries showcasing works from local artists; festivals celebrating everything from music to food; and farmers markets featuring locally grown produce and artisanal goods. No matter what your interests may be, you’re sure to find something fun and interesting in this charming small town!

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