Arcola, Illinois Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to, Arcola, Illinois is located in the southeastern corner of the state, about an hour and a half south of Chicago. The city is bordered by several other towns and cities including Tuscola to the north, Villa Grove to the east, Arthur to the south and Sullivan to the west.

Tuscola is a small town with a population of around 3,000 people. It’s home to several unique attractions such as the Douglas County Museum which features exhibits on local history and culture. The Tuscola Outlet Mall offers a variety of shopping opportunities for visitors as well as a great selection of restaurants.

Villa Grove is another small town with about 2,000 residents. It’s known for its many parks and outdoor recreation areas like Lake Shelbyville which provides excellent fishing opportunities for anglers. There’s also an array of unique shops along Main Street such as antique stores, gift shops and more!

Arthur is located just south of Arcola in Moultrie County with around 2,500 people calling it home. This small town has plenty to offer visitors including interesting attractions such as the Arthur Historical Museum which showcases artifacts from early settlers in the area. There are also several quaint restaurants located on Main Street that serve up delicious food!

Sullivan is located in Moultrie County just west of Arcola with a population of almost 4,000 people. This city has plenty to explore including its historic downtown area featuring unique shops and delicious eateries like Sullivan Farms Restaurant & Bakery which serves up homemade treats! Sullivan also hosts several annual festivals throughout the year providing lots of fun activities for everyone!

Arcola, Illinois

Population of Arcola, Illinois

Arcola, Illinois is a small city located in the southeastern corner of the state, about an hour and a half south of Chicago. According to the 2010 census, Arcola had a population of 2,951 people. The population has remained relatively consistent over the last decade with around 3,000 people living in the city at any given time.

The majority of Arcola’s residents are White (94.9%) followed by Hispanic or Latino (3.3%), African American (1.1%), Asian (0.7%) and Native American (0.2%). The median age is 38 years old and there is an even split between males and females with 50% of the population being male and 50% female.

In terms of education, 74% of Arcola’s residents have graduated from high school while only 14% have obtained a Bachelor’s degree or higher. The median household income for Arcola is $48,094 which is slightly lower than the Illinois median household income which sits at $60,960.

Arcola is home to many families as well as individuals who are employed in various industries such as manufacturing, retail trade and healthcare services. In addition to these industries there are also many small businesses that provide employment opportunities for local residents including restaurants, shops and other services like auto repair shops and salons.

Overall, Arcola has a diverse population made up of individuals from all walks of life who come together to form a unique community that offers plenty to explore!

Schools and Education in Arcola, Illinois

According to ACT-TEST-CENTERS, Arcola, Illinois is served by the Arcola Community Unit School District 306. The district has three schools including two elementary schools, Arcola Elementary and West Elementary, and one high school, A.C. Central High School.

At the elementary level, students are provided with a comprehensive education that focuses on building a strong foundation in core subject areas like math and reading. In addition to these core areas, students also have access to enrichment activities such as music and art classes as well as physical education classes.

At A.C Central High School students are able to take college-level courses through the Advanced Placement (AP) program or dual credit courses which allow them to earn college credit while still enrolled in high school. In addition to these courses, there are also many extra-curricular activities available for students to participate in such as sports teams and clubs that allow them to explore their interests outside of the classroom.

The district also offers several programs designed to help prepare students for life after high school such as career planning classes which help young adults explore their options in terms of furthering their education or entering the workforce after graduation.

Overall, Arcola’s schools provide a quality education that prepares students for success beyond graduation day whether they choose to pursue higher education or enter the workforce upon leaving high school.

Places of Interest in Arcola, Illinois

Arcola, Illinois is home to a variety of attractions that make it a great place to visit. One popular destination is the Arcola Public Library which offers a wide selection of books and other media for visitors to enjoy. The library also has an auditorium where visitors can attend lectures and events throughout the year.

Another popular attraction in Arcola is the Arcola Stroll which takes place every summer. This event includes a parade, live music, food vendors, and other fun activities for visitors to enjoy. It’s a great way to explore the city and experience some of its unique culture.

The city also has several parks where visitors can go for outdoor recreation such as fishing, biking, or simply taking in the scenery. Lakewood Park is one such park that features walking trails, playgrounds, picnic areas, and more for visitors to enjoy.

For those who are looking for something more educational there’s the Arcola Historical Museum which houses artifacts from the city’s history including photos and documents from early settlers as well as Native American artifacts.

The city also has several shopping centers where visitors can find unique items from local stores or look for deals at national chain stores like Target and Walmart.

Overall, Arcola offers plenty of attractions that make it an ideal destination for those looking for something fun to do or just wanting to explore its unique culture!

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