Apalachin, New York Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to ehuacom, Apalachin, New York is a small village located in the town of Owego in Tioga County. It is bordered by the towns of Candor and Newark Valley to the north, Richford to the east, Spencer to the south and Owego to the west. The village has an estimated population of 1,500 and is a great place for those looking for a peaceful and laid-back atmosphere with plenty of local attractions.

The neighboring town of Candor is located east of Apalachin and has an estimated population of 1,800. It is home to several historic sites such as the Candor Presbyterian Church which was built in 1842 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1981. There are also several trails around town that are perfect for hiking or biking. In addition, Candor hosts many events throughout the year including its annual Apple Festival which takes place each fall.

The town of Newark Valley lies just north of Apalachin and has an estimated population of 2,400. Newark Valley is known for its outdoor recreation opportunities such as fishing at nearby Cayuta Lake or playing a round at one of two golf courses – Waverly Golf Course or Winding Hills Golf Course. The town also hosts several festivals throughout the year including its annual Fireman’s Carnival which takes place each summer.

The neighboring town of Richford lies just south-east from Apalachin and has an estimated population size of 1,900 people. Richford features many natural attractions like Buttermilk Falls State Park which provides access to hiking trails along Buttermilk Creek as well as picnic areas with grills and pavilions that are perfect for family gatherings or group outings. In addition, Richford hosts several events throughout the year such as its annual Harvest Festival which takes place each September.

Finally, Spencer lies just south from Apalachin with an estimated population size of 2,400 people. The town features many recreational activities like golfing at Wildwood Park Country Club or playing tennis at Spencer Tennis Center; it also hosts many events throughout the year such as its annual Summerfest celebration which takes place each June featuring live music performances, rides and games for children, food vendors and more!

Whether it’s exploring historic sites or enjoying outdoor recreation – Apalachin’s bordering towns offer something for everyone!

Apalachin, New York

Population of Apalachin, New York

Apalachin, New York is a small town located in Tioga County with an estimated population of 1,700. The town is situated in the Southern Tier of New York State, north of the Pennsylvania state line and east of the city of Binghamton. It is part of the greater Binghamton metropolitan area and has seen steady population growth since its incorporation in 1848.

The population of Apalachin is largely Caucasian with about 85 percent being white according to the 2010 census. The remaining 15 percent is made up primarily by African Americans, Asians and Hispanics. The median age for residents falls around 43 years old with about 21 percent under the age of 18 and 13 percent over 65 years old.

The town has a strong sense of community pride as evidenced by its many volunteer organizations such as the Apalachin Fire Department, Ambulance Corps and Lions Club which all serve to make life better for residents. The economy in Apalachin is mainly supported by small businesses such as restaurants, shops and services; there are also several larger employers such as Southern Tier Brewing Company which employs over 200 people each year.

Education plays an important role in Apalachin’s culture with its two schools – Apalachin Elementary School and Owego Free Academy – providing quality education for students from kindergarten through twelfth grade. In addition to its public schools, there are several private schools located within a few miles from town including St Mary’s Catholic School and Seton Catholic Central High School.

Overall, Apalachin offers residents a safe environment where they can enjoy a relaxed lifestyle surrounded by friendly neighbors while still having access to all the amenities that come with living close to a larger city like Binghamton. With its many historic sites, recreational activities and family-friendly events – it’s no wonder why so many people choose to call this small town home!

Schools and Education in Apalachin, New York

According to EDUCATIONVV.COM, Apalachin, New York is home to a variety of educational institutions. The Apalachin Central School District serves the village and the surrounding area, offering a comprehensive Kindergarten through 12th grade education. The district is made up of four schools: Apalachin Elementary School, Owego Elementary School, Owego Free Academy and Tioga Central High School. All of these schools are accredited by the New York State Education Department and provide a quality education to the students in the area.

The elementary schools in Apalachin focus on providing a safe learning environment while also preparing students for future success. They offer specialized classes such as music, art, physical education and technology that are designed to give students an edge in their future studies. In addition to these core subjects, students have the opportunity to explore their creativity through elective courses like Spanish or drama.

Owego Free Academy is both a middle school and high school that prepares students for college level academics as well as career readiness. It offers a wide range of classes from advanced placement courses to career-oriented options such as engineering or computer science. The school also provides extracurricular activities including sports teams, music programs and clubs so that students can explore their interests outside of the classroom.

Tioga Central High School is dedicated to preparing its graduates for college level work while also providing them with essential job skills they will need later on in life. It offers rigorous academic courses such as calculus and physics along with job-oriented classes like finance and business management. In addition to this strong academic foundation, Tioga Central High School encourages its students to get involved with community service projects which help them develop leadership skills they can use throughout their lives.

Places of Interest in Apalachin, New York

Apalachin, New York is a small village located in the Southern Tier region of the state. It’s a great place to visit, offering visitors plenty of interesting places to explore. From natural wonders to historical sites, there’s something for everyone in Apalachin.

One of the most popular attractions in Apalachin is Tioga State Park. Located just outside the village, this park offers plenty of outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy. Visitors can hike or bike along miles of trails, fish in one of the many ponds and lakes, or simply relax and take in the views. There are also camping facilities available for those looking for a longer stay in the park.

For history buffs, there are several sites worth visiting in Apalachin. The Apalachin Historic District includes over 200 buildings that were built between 1820 and 1940 and are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Visitors can take a walk through this district and get an up-close look at some of its historic homes and buildings. Another popular historical site is Fort Sullivan Park which commemorates an important Revolutionary War battle that took place here in 1779.

Apalachin also offers plenty of recreational activities for visitors to enjoy during their stay. Golfers can tee off at either The Links at Hiawatha Landing or Hickories Park Golf Course while anglers will find excellent fishing spots at both Lake Owego and Susquehanna River. Other outdoor activities include boating on Owego Creek or biking along one of its many trails which offer stunning views year-round.

There are also some great shopping opportunities around Apalachin where visitors can find unique gifts and souvenirs from local artisans and merchants alike. The Village Shoppes offer handmade items such as pottery, jewelry and woodworking pieces while downtown Owego provides a variety of boutiques selling clothing, accessories and more from local retailers.

No matter what you’re looking for during your visit to Apalachin, you’ll find plenty to explore here! From outdoor adventures to historical sites and shopping opportunities galore – there’s something here that everyone will love!

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