Annona, Texas Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to Foodezine, Annona, Texas is a small town located in Red River County. It is bordered by cities and towns including Bogata, Clarksville, Avery, and Deport. Each of these towns has something unique to offer visitors, making them great destinations for day trips or weekend getaways.

Bogata is a small town located just outside of Annona and is home to a variety of attractions such as the Bogata Railroad Museum which features historic trains and other artifacts from the area’s past. Additionally, the nearby Lake Bogata offers plenty of opportunities for fishing and boating as well as camping sites for those looking to spend some time outdoors.

Clarksville is another nearby town located about 20 miles east of Annona. The city has a variety of attractions including museums like the Red River County Historical Museum which showcases artifacts from the county’s past as well as local art galleries featuring works by local artists. Additionally, Clarksville also has several parks such as Turner Park which features walking trails and picnic areas perfect for spending time outdoors.

Avery is situated about 15 miles south of Annona and features several historical sites such as the Old Avery Cemetery which dates back to 1847. The city also boasts an array of restaurants serving up delicious southern cuisine along with several shops selling unique gifts and souvenirs from the area.

Deport is situated about 30 miles west of Annona and is home to many natural attractions such as Lake Crockett which offers plenty of opportunities for fishing and boating while also providing stunning views across the lake’s waters. Additionally, Deport also has a number of antique stores offering visitors a chance to find rare items or simply browse through antiques from days gone by.

Overall, each city or town bordering Annona offers something unique that makes it worth visiting at least once during your stay in this small Texas town.

Annona, Texas

Population of Annona, Texas

According to Fun-wiki, Annona, Texas is a small town located in Red River County. The population of this small town was estimated to be around 1,124 as of 2019. The majority of the population is made up of families who have lived in the area for generations and are proud to call Annona their home.

Annona’s population is diverse and includes people from many different backgrounds and cultures. The town has a rich history, with many people tracing their heritage back to the early settlers who first established the area.

The median age in Annona is 36 years old, with about 31% of the population being under 18 years old. About 28% of households have children under 18 living in them, and nearly 70% of households are family households. Additionally, most households are married-couple families with children present (nearly 40%).

The racial makeup of Annona is almost entirely white (97%), with less than 1% African American or Hispanic residents. There are also very few Asian residents (less than 1%) or other races represented in this small town.

The median household income in Annona is $43,000 per year, which is slightly lower than the Texas median household income ($54,000). This can be attributed to the fact that many residents work in low-paying service jobs or agriculture-related industries such as farming or fishing that don’t bring in high wages. However, there are still some higher paying jobs available for those who seek them out such as teaching positions at local schools or working at one of the local businesses that serve tourists and visitors to the area.

Annona may be a small town but it offers its residents plenty of opportunities for recreation and entertainment. From fishing on Lake Bogata to visiting one of its many historical sites or antique stores, there’s something for everyone here!

Schools and Education in Annona, Texas

Annona, Texas is served by the Red River County Independent School District, which consists of three elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. The schools in Annona are well-regarded and provide a quality education for students.

The elementary schools in Annona each have their own unique focus and offer an engaging curriculum designed to help students excel. At the elementary level, classes are small and teachers are able to provide individualized attention to each student. The middle school offers a wide range of academic courses as well as extracurricular activities such as band and athletics. The high school provides an excellent education with a variety of Advanced Placement (AP) courses available for students who wish to pursue college-level studies while still in high school.

In addition to the public schools, Annona is home to two private institutions: Annona Christian Academy and St. Mary’s Catholic School. Both offer excellent educational opportunities for those looking for an alternative or supplemental educational experience.

One thing that sets the schools in Annona apart from other districts is their commitment to providing access to technology for all students. All classrooms have computers with internet access, allowing teachers and students alike to take advantage of online resources such as digital textbooks and interactive learning tools. Additionally, all schools have wireless networks, allowing students access to their devices both inside and outside of class time so they can use these tools even when away from school grounds.

Overall, Annona has a strong commitment towards providing its students with quality education at all levels – from elementary through high school – ensuring that they receive the best preparation possible for college or career success after graduation!

Places of Interest in Annona, Texas

Annona, Texas is home to some of the most breathtaking natural attractions in the Lone Star State. One of the most popular places to visit is the Sabine River, which runs through town. It’s a picturesque river that’s great for fishing and boating. There are also several parks along its banks where visitors can take in stunning views of the river and its surrounding landscape. The Sabine National Forest is also close by and offers an array of outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and bird watching. There are several trails that wind through this forest with beautiful views of creeks, lakes, and other natural features.

For those looking for a bit more action, Annona has plenty to offer. The Annona Country Club is a great place to golf or play tennis on a hot summer day. The town also hosts horse shows throughout the year as well as rodeos and other events at its arena complex. For those who enjoy shopping and dining out there are plenty of options in town from small boutiques to larger chain stores. Visitors can also find many delicious restaurants offering everything from classic Texan BBQ to Italian cuisine.

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