Active Holidays in Cyprus

According to aceinland, there is hardly any reason to lie motionless on the beach, eagerly soaking up the sun, when there are many ways to diversify the impressions of the soul and body.

Water attractions

In each coastal tourist area of ​​Cyprus, water entertainment centers are equipped, the standard list of which includes at least (prices are averaged):

  • jet ski rental (Jet Ski) – 10 CJ for 15 minutes;
  • speed boat rental (Speed ​​Boat) – from 10 to 30 CJ for 30 minutes, depending on engine power;
  • pedal boat rental – 3 CJ per hour for a double bike;
  • windsurfer rental (WindSurfer) – 5 CJ per hour and an additional 3 CJ for a half-hour lesson, if you need one;
  • water skiing (Water Ski) – a kilometer circle on the water costs 5 CJ if you wish, a 15-minute lesson costs 8 CJ
  • ride on an inflatable “banana” (Banana Ride) – 2 CJ per person for 15 minutes;
  • Parachuting flight – 12 CJ for 10 minutes.

Please note that fins and snorkeling masks are unlikely to be rented anywhere. It is better to bring them with you or buy them in a store.

Scuba diving

In the diving centers (Diving center) existing on the island, you can rent or buy diving equipment, as well as get scuba diving lessons. Instructors will teach you the tricks of traveling underwater in full scuba gear. You can even take pictures surrounded by underwater inhabitants and landscapes.

There are no strong undercurrents around Cyprus and therefore diving in permitted areas is considered safe.

Diving centers are open at many hotels on the island. You can also contact city centers:

  • Larnaka Napa Sea Cruises. Underwater travel costs 20 CJ. They speak Russian here. Tel. (09) 514-401, (09) 514-410, (09) 648-476.
  • Octopus. Diving center in Larnaca. Tel. (04) 646-571, (04) 650-266.
  • Dive-in. Diving center in Limassol. Tel. (05) 311-923.

For more information, if necessary, contact the Cypriot Diving Association in Nicosia at (02) 454-647.

Sea trips

Firm “Larnaka Napa Sea Cruises” organizes trips along the coast on a small boat. several routes have been developed.

One day boat trip with fishing, lunch and wine will cost you 14 CJ. They speak Russian here. Tel. (09) 514-401, (09) 514-410, (09) 648-476.

Yacht charter

Boat trips on yachts are attractive at any time of the year, since even in winter the water temperature usually exceeds 15o C. You can rent a yacht with a captain (about 300 CJ ​​per day) or without a captain (about 200 CJ ​​per day), or go to traveling in a group of 5-8 people, which will cost about 40 CJ per person.

You can rent a yacht at one of the following addresses:

  • in Nicosia -122E Leoforos Lemesou. Tel. (02) 312-901, fax (02) 426-033.
  • in Limassol -27 Nikiforou Foka. Tel. (05) 364-200, fax (05) 356-657.
  • in Limassol – Tel. (05) 337-624, fax (05) 337-768.


In the freshwater reservoirs of Cyprus, trout, carp and a half dozen species of fish are found. fishing is allowed only with a personal license (it cannot be transferred to another person), which can be purchased at the regional department of fish protection. A license that gives the right to fish in a particular reservoir costs 3 CJ, a license for all reservoirs costs 10 CJ. The license is valid until the end of the current year. A two-week permit can be issued for a group of fishermen, in which case each member of the group will pay 1 CJ. fishing with a single hook is allowed. All other devices, including lights, nets, etc., are prohibited. Night fishing is also prohibited. No more than 15 trout can be caught per license per day, and specimens less than 15 cm long must be released back into the pond. The license does not give the right to fish,

For licenses and complete information, please contact the Head office of Fisheries Department in Nicosia at 13 Odos Aiolou tel. (02) 303-526, (02) 304-385 or District office of Fisheries Department:

  • in Paphos – next to the port fortress (Harbour), tel. (06) 240-268.
  • in Limassol – at the entrance to the territory of the old port (Old Harbor), tel. (05) 330-470.
  • in Larnaca – on Piale Pacha Avenue, tel. (04) 630-294.

As a rule, the following reservoirs of the island are open for fishing:

  • Asprokremmos Dam – 15 km east of Paphos, on the Paphos-Limassol road;
  • Evretou Dam – near the village of Evretou north of Paphos (take the Paphos-Polis road, then turn right);
  • Mavrokolympos Dam – north of Paphos (follow the road to Pegeia and Coral Bay);
  • Germasogeia Dam – a few kilometers north of Limassol, behind the village of Germasogeia;
  • Kourris Dam – northwest of Limassol, drive through the village of Ypsonas and continue on the F816 road;
  • Prodromos Dam – in the Troodos mountains, near Mount Olympos;
  • Aradippou – a few kilometers northwest of Larnaca;
  • Dipotamos – east of the village of Lefkara;
  • Lefkara Dam – next to the village of Lefkara;
  • Kalavasos Dam – near the village of Kalavaso, about halfway between Limassol and Larnaca;
  • Kafizes Dam – in the northwestern part of the Troodos mountains;
  • Kalopanagiotis Dam – in the Troodos mountains, near the village of Kalopanagiotis;
  • Lympia Dam – near the village of Lympia, on the Nicosia-Larnaca road;
  • Palaichori Dam – 40 km south of Nicosia;
  • Xyliatos Dam – southwest of Nicosia;
  • Achna Dam – 25 km northeast of Larnaca.

Active Holidays in Cyprus

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