6 Best Tips to Enjoy Rain Travel

Facing a trip with rain? No problems! See what to do not to spend the whole day in your accommodation and enjoy your destination.

Have you finally reached the long-awaited destination of your  vacation, but come across rainy days that don’t seem to end and hinder all the schedule you had planned? Because very calm at this time! We know that climate change can take a lot of people by surprise and force changes in any road map. But the truth is that a rainy trip is far from the end of the world, see what?

6 Best Tips to Enjoy Rain Travel

Although many outdoor sights can be banned and even closed during these periods, there is an extensive list of things you can do to keep the shuttlecock down, enjoy the moment and the main thing: knowing (and experiencing) the place with other eyes. This is precisely why we have put together 6 tips to inspire you. Keep up!

1. Take a cultural tour

Did you know that traveling with rain (and much) combines with cultural tour? After all, galleries, art galleries and museums are indoors and work regardless of whether the sky is open or cloudy throughout the day.

It is worth mentioning that this is a good way to know and delve into the history of the city you are visiting. When it comes to Rome, London, Lisbon, Madrid and Berlin, places with a huge cultural and historical heritage, things get even more attractive!

Oh, and do you know what is best? In many   European countries it is common for them to be free to visitors on the first Sunday of the month. To complete the program, you can even include palaces, castles, basilicas and churches in your itinerary.

2. Take a food tour

Traveling to a distant nation with different traditions – and sometimes opposite to ours, such as Indonesia, China, Thailand and Cambodia – requires us to try the typical local dishes. This is because cooking is one of the most important and vivid ways to pass on from generation to generation the values, beliefs and customs of a people.

No wonder our second suggestion is to stay in your hotel or hostel and go out to try new flavors without fear of being happy! To do so, just do a quick search and find out in which neighborhoods are concentrated restaurants, bistros, pastry shops and other establishments that have a menu with dishes that are part of the daily life of the natives.

From there you can ride a true gastronomic tour and discover not only food, spices and drinks, but also completely innovative ways of cooking.

3. Watch a show or go to the movies

Aside from cultural and gastronomic tours, there is another good suggestion: to attend a local show. It can be musical, theater, sport, circus or even an artistic performance. What about?

In cities like  New York, for example, there are areas that concentrate hundreds of theaters, such as Broadway. The local venues boast a variety of performances developed from Disney, Hollywood and literature classics. That is, option is not missing!

To diversify, you can also enjoy the premiere of movies and have the experience of going to the city theaters like the natives. In addition, both alternatives are great opportunities to train a second language, such as English, since the shows and movies are in the language of the country.

4. Take a few hours to shop

A fourth tip is to enjoy the rain to do something that undoubtedly helps to pass the time and many people love it: shopping. You can explore malls, stores, and more during this time. Take the opportunity to purchase clothes, shoes and accessories that you will need for some sporting activity during the trip (such as hiking, snowboarding, skiing, trekking, diving, etc.).

You can also visit centers and markets that sell handcrafted products to buy a decorative item for your home. Not to mention, of course, the possibility of making this rainy season the perfect time to secure travel favors in advance for friends, family, co-workers, neighbors and so on.

5. Go to a game night

Did the rain extend into the night? No problem! You can make a program that is guaranteed to be fun: going to a casino and testing your luck at playing cards and poker tournaments, roulette, machine games and whatever else the space has to offer. If you are accompanied by your friends, even better!

It is worth noting that in cities like Las Vegas, Monaco, Macau and Singapore these gaming environments are not just mere leisure alternatives, but the main attractions when it comes to nightly entertainment. So much so that you find a wide variety of complexes open every day.

6. Take a shower

Finally, as the saying goes: whoever is in the rain is to get wet. So, enjoy this moment and take a nice shower! So you can wash your soul, remember the good times of childhood and still have a good laugh while getting soaked, especially if you are traveling with friends.

Oh, and what’s more: if you have a waterproof action camera, how about making some creative, personality-filled photos to update your Instagram profile? You can even be inspired by big movies, like the 1952 Cantando na Chuva, a movie classic!

Just watch out for the weather forecast in advance. Make sure that rain will not evolve into a thunderstorm or thunder, for example. It’s for your safety, right?

As you have seen, there is no shortage of suggestions on what to do to enjoy a   rainy trip. The key is to allow yourself to get out of the comfort zone and explore new options for fun and entertainment by visiting other places. So get inspired and enjoy every moment!


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