5 Things not to Miss in Portugal

There are of course more than 5 things you must see when visiting Portugal, but here are at least 5 tips where you can start to discover this amazing country!


A visit to Lisbon is a must to experience what many believe is the real Portugal. Here you get a good insight into daily life, culture and get to experience the country as it is largely the most. The yellow trams that run through the streets of Lisbon are a great way to get around the city and they are an experience in themselves that you should not miss!

Rent a car

Renting a car is easy and relatively cheap in Portugal. By car you get to see even more of the country and then a given card is Sintra. Sintra is a charming little village just a short drive away from lively Lisbon. With colorful buildings and wonderful picturesque squares lined with cafes, this village is a real gem. It is said that Lord Byron was so taken by the city when he visited it in the 19th century that he wrote “Young Harald’s Pilgrimage” thanks to this.

According to globalsciencellc, another beautiful region to visit when renting a car is the Douro Valley in northern Portugal. Here you get through fantastic nature and wonderful vineyards, and can enjoy the Portuguese countryside in the best way.

Palácio da Pena

One of the country’s, and perhaps Europe’s most beautiful castles is called the Palácio da Pena. This castle differs from the crowd thanks to the fact that the whole castle is painted with bright colors in pink and yellow. The castle dates from the 19th century, and consists of a mixture of European and Arabic architecture. A visit here is a must, and the castle leaves no one indifferent. You have to look for a more imaginative castle, and you get a fantastic feeling of playful joy that lasts all day!

Pasteis de Belém

With the same name as the famous pastries, the Pasteis de Belém restaurant is just a stone’s throw from Lisbon. This delicious pastry consists of a sweet vanilla cream with eggs and a crispy shell, and you can look for better pastries! The Pasteis de Belém restaurant often has a long queue of tourists outside who want to sample the goodies, so this place is definitely a must for those who appreciate food culture and goodies!

Beaches and the Algarve coast

If you want to find the most beautiful beaches in Portugal, you should definitely go to Lagos. With its beautiful red cliffs and endless hours of sunshine (it feels like), it has become one of Europe’s most visited and appreciated beaches.

White paradise beaches in Europe? Well there actually is!

On the Algarve coast you will find the paradise of all beach lovers. With cozy fishing villages and crowded squares as well as a lively entertainment life, the Algarve coast has something for everyone. The beaches here are also perfect for those who like water sports such as snorkeling, windsurfing or diving.

The most beautiful beach on the coast is said to be Praia da Marinha, and you will find it in the Michelin guide’s top list of the best beaches. Mile-long white beaches, turquoise waters and mysterious caves offer a magical environment for those who want to enjoy sunbathing and swimming.

5 things not to miss in Portugal

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