5 Must for Tourists in Cancún

You who go on holiday to Mexico and also visit the wonderful city of Cancún, will be the one who visits a paradise on earth. Here you come to the absolute largest tourist resort on the Yacatán Peninsula. You have simply arrived at one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Caribbean coastline. Sure, you’re in the middle of the Caribbean and directly connected to the Caribbean Sea. This is something that can make you forget everything, and certainly this will not in any way ruin your vacation. This is all about what interests you have.

If only sun, swimming and party life apply to you on your holiday, you will not have to think about what to do at all. Here, just check out and follow the flow of people in this city. Yes, in other words, many tourists will concentrate on sunbathing, swimming and partying in Cancún. For you who want to experience the city, are interested in culture and want to know more about the place you are in. Yes, then there will clearly be things for you too. In fact, there are 5 must-sees for tourists in Cancun that you must not miss. Yes, if you do not do it on purpose, that is.

Xcaret Park

This is an absolutely amazing and magical place. First you are dazzled by the wonderfully beautiful nature, and then seduced by all that there is to do and explore. This ecological and archeological park offers well-being and entertainment as well as great excitement and happiness. The two most popular things to do here are snorkeling or being the one to discover the inside of the mountains by hiking and swimming in various caves.

Isla Contoy

Here you will find a secluded island, located about 30 km off the coast of Cancún. This is a nature reserve but can be visited via hiking. Here you will also find places where many of Mexico’s seabirds have their nests. Simply something you can visit to pass a day. Hotels or accommodation are not available on this island.

El Rey Archaeological Park

When you are the one who likes to know what happened and what the world looked like about 2000 years ago, this archeological park is well worth a visit. These are ruins and buildings from the time of the Mayan people. In addition to knowing a lot and seeing lots of things, you will also hike in a very beautiful and natural environment.

Check out the local life

Something you must never miss on a holiday is to check out what the locals do in their spare time. The best way to do that is to go out to a local restaurant, or hang out at an old workers’ pub. You will find this in the part of Cancún called downtown.

Sun and bath

Now that you are in paradise, you know how to swim and like to walk in soft and warm sand. Yes, then you must not miss the magical bath in the Caribbean. If you do, there will not be a cone that believes you have even been near the city of Cancun.

Cancún Sights

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