5 Must for the Tourist in Japan

When it comes to traveling in Japan, there are things you just have to see. It is never possible to do a country justice with only five things but these 5 are still things that are a must visit when traveling as a tourist to Japan.


Itsukushima is perhaps better known as Miyajima. This is an island in the western part of Japan but what makes the island so special and famous is the very famous Shinto shrine that stands in the water by the island. The sanctuary has been on the UNESQ World Heritage List since 1996. In addition to the sanctuary, the island has fine nature, good food and other smaller attractions to offer. Every day you can eat seafood caught in the sea around the island.

Mount Fuji

According to travelationary, it is simply impossible to think of Japan without thinking of the very active volcano Mount Fuji. From the capital Tokyo you can take half and full day trips to Mount Fuji, a full day trip is recommended as it takes time to go up the volcano and enjoy nature. It is very nice nature with forests and cherry blossoms all around. There are both easier and more difficult hiking trails so you can choose where you want to go. The view is amazing and in the spring when the Japanese cherry blossoms are blooming it is one of the most beautiful and spectacular places on earth!

Fushimi Inari Shrine

The Fushimi Inari Shrine or Fushimi Inari Taisha as it is called in Japanese is a Shinto shrine that is featured in many movies and art in Japan. The sanctuary is located right at the base of Inariyamakanyuchi mountain and from there there are many paths to walk up the mountain. What makes the Fushimi Inari shrine so famous are the tens of thousands of small torii gates that line the road up to the places of prayer. The many paths lead up to places of worship and the temple itself is dedicated to the deity of rice, business, agriculture and the fox.


Another must for tourists visiting Japan is the city of Nara. It may not be the most visited city as Tokyo, Osakam Kyoto and Yokohama usually come first, but historically Nara is well worth a visit. Nara is the ancient capital of Japan and here you will find a lot of history and culture as well as religion including the Todaiji temple. There is also a lot of modern and shopping is popular here. A must when in Nara, in addition to looking at all the ancient shrines and buildings, is to eat mochi. Mochi is a Japanese sweet or rice cake made from rice, which is beaten into a dough and the dough is filled with different flavors.


Today’s capital is huge and you can visit the city several times without having seen everything. There is an incredible amount to do and see in Tokyo. It is modern with new buildings and shopping areas but has an enormous amount of culture behind it and each district has its own stories and its own things you just have to see. Shibuya, for example, is known for its fashion but also for having a statue of the dog Hachiko there. Akihabara is known for anime and manga and these are just some of the few things you can see and do. Of course, one must not forget Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Sky Tree, Disneyland Tokyo, Tokyo Zoo and everything else to do in the city. Tokyo itself is worth both one, two and three visits in order to be able to enjoy the city in all seriousness.

5 must for the tourist in Japan

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