There are countries that are located on two continents and therefore they are called “Transcontinent Nations”. This is the case, for example, of Russia (Asia and Europe), Turkey (Asia and Europe), Egypt (Africa and Asia). There is also a city called bi continental – Istanbul, Turkey. It is the only city in the world divided between two continents (Asia and Europe). There are no flags representing each of the continents. There is indeed an emblem in which five continents are represented. These are the Olympic rings, which symbolize the union in sport of the African, American, Asian, European and oceanic continents.

Larger Continents

1st Asia 45 million km
2nd America 42 million km (North America – 23 million km; Central America – 523 thousand km; Caribbean;  South America – 18 million km)
3rd Africa 30 million km
4th Antarctica 14 million km (this number increases about twice in winter, given the freezing waters)
5th Europe 10 million km
6th Oceania 8 million km

Most Populated Continents

1st Asia 4 billion residents
2nd Africa 1.2 billion residents
3rd America 1 billion residents
4th Europe 800 million residents
5th Oceania 32 million residents

Note: In Antarctica there is no permanent human population.

Most Populated Countries and Their Capitals


Asia has a total of 50 countries, of which the 10 most populous are:

Countries Capitals Approximate Population
China Beijing 1,338,612,000
India New Delhi 1,210,193,000
Indonesia Jakarta 237,512,000
Pakistan Islamabad 170,600,000
Bangladesh Dhaka 154,037,000
Japan Tokyo 127,433,000
Philippines Manila 96,061,000
Vietnam Hanoi 91,519,000
Will Tehran 75,149,000
Thailand Bangkok 67,448,000


America has a total of 36 countries. Let’s look at the division by subcontinents:

The North America has four countries:

Countries Capitals Approximate Population
USA Washington 318,900,000
Mexico Mexico City 122,300,000
Greenland Nuuk 56,483,000
Canada Ottawa 35,160,000

The Central America has 20 countries, of which the five most populous are:

Countries Capitals Approximate Population
Guatemala Guatemala City 15,470,000
Cuba Havana 11,270,000
Honduras Tegucigalpa 8,098,000
El Salvador San Salvador 6,340,000
Nicaragua Managua 6,080,000

The South America has 12 countries, of which the five most populous are:

Countries Capitals Approximate Population
Brazil Brasilia 200,400,000
Argentina Buenos aires 41,450,000
Colombia Bogota 48,320,000
Venezuela Caracas 30,410,000
Peru lime 30,380,000


Africa has a total of 54 countries, of which the 10 most populous are:

Countries Capitals Approximate Population
Nigeria Abuja 173,600,000
Ethiopia Addis Ababa 94,100,000
Egypt Cairo 82,060,000
Democratic Republic of Congo Kinshasa 67.510.000
South Africa Pretoria (Executive), Bloemfontein (Judiciary), Cape Town (Legislative) 52,980,000
Tanzania Dodoma 49,250,000
Kenya Nairobi 44,350,000
Algeria Algiers 39,210,000
Sudan Cartoon 37,960,000
Uganda Kampala 37,580,000

Kenya – East Africa

Kenya is a state in Africa. The capital of the country is Nairobi. About 48 million Kenyans and Kenyans of other nationalities live in Kenya. The official languages ​​are Swahili and English. Kenya covers an area of ​​around 592,000 km² and is about seven times the size of the Republic of Austria. The highest mountain in Kenya is Mount Kenya at 5,199 meters. Neighboring countries are Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Somalia and South Sudan.

Kenya Flag and Map 2

Congo-Kinshasa – Central Africa

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is a country in Africa. The capital of the country is Kinshasa. There are around 79 million Congolese and Congolese people of other nationalities living in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The official language is French. The Democratic Republic of the Congo covers an area of ​​around 2 million km² and is thus around seven times the size of Poland. The highest mountain in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is Margherita Peak at 5,109 meters.

Congo-Kinshasa Flag and Map

Neighboring countries are Tanzania, Uganda, Angola, Zambia, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan, the Republic of the Congo and the Central African Republic.

Liberia – West Africa

Liberia is a state in Africa. The capital of the country is Monrovia. About 4.6 million Liberians and Liberians of other nationalities live in Liberia. The official language is English. Liberia covers an area of ​​around 98,000 km² and is therefore around three times the size of Belgium. Neighboring countries are Ivory Coast, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

Liberia Flag and Map

Madagascar – East Africa

Madagascar, the red island, is an island city in the Indian Ocean. The capital is Antananarivo. Around 25 million Malagasy people, Malagasy people and residents of other nationalities, live in Madagascar. The official languages ​​are Malagasy and French. Madagascar covers an area of ​​around 587,000 km² and is thus slightly larger than France. The highest mountain in Madagascar is the Maromokotro at 2,876 meters.

Madagascar Flag and Map

Malawi – East Africa

Malawi is a state in Africa. The capital of the country is Lilongwe. Around 18 million Malawians, Malawians and residents of other nationalities, live in Malawi. The official languages ​​are Chichewa and English. Malawi covers an area of ​​around 118,000 km². Neighboring countries are Tanzania, Mozambique and Zambia.

Malawi Flag and Map


Europe has a total of 50 countries, of which the 10 most populous are:

Countries Capitals Approximate Population
Russia Moscow 143,500,000
Germany Berlin 80,620,000
Turkey Ankara 74,930,000
France Paris 66.030.000
United Kingdom London 64,100,000
Italy Pomegranate 59,830,000
Spain Madrid 47,270,000
Ukraine Kiev 45,490,000
Poland Warsaw 38,530,000
Romania Bucharest 19,960,000

Slovakia – Southeast Europe

Slovakia is a state in Europe. The capital of the country is Bratislava. About 5.4 million Slovaks and Slovaks of other nationalities live in Slovakia. The official language is Slovak. Slovakia covers an area of ​​around 49,000 km². Neighboring countries are the Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and the Republic of Austria.

Slovakia Flag and Map

Ukraine – Eastern Europe

Ukraine, the bread basket of Europe, is a state in Europe. The capital is Kiev. About 45 million Ukrainians and Ukrainians of other nationalities live in Ukraine. The official language is Ukrainian. The Ukraine covers an area of ​​around 604,000 km² and is about seven times the size of the Republic of Austria. The highest mountain in Ukraine is the Hoverla at 2,061 meters. Neighboring countries are the Russian Federation, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Belarus, Slovakia and Moldova.

Ukraine Flag and Map


Oceania has a total of 14 countries and over 10,000 islands. The 5 most populous countries are:

Countries Capitals Approximate Population
Australia Canberra 23,130,000
Papua New Guinea Port moresby 7,321,000
New Zealand Wellington 4,471,000
Fiji Suva 881,065,000
Solomon Islands Honiara 561,231,000

Australian History by Nation


There are no countries in Antarctica. This continent is a World Heritage Site and the signatories of the Antarctic Treaty are entitled to carry out investigations. There are 12 initial countries, number that has been extended and comprises the following nations:

South Africa Chile Finland Netherlands Turkey
Germany China France Peru Ukraine
Argentina North Korea India Poland Uruguay
Australia South Korea Italy Portugal
Belgium Ecuador Japan United Kingdom
Brazil Spain Norway Russia
Bulgaria United States New Zealand Sweden

Oceans Bathing the Continents

Here are the oceans that bathe each continent:

Continents Oceans
Asia Arctic, Pacific and Indian Glacier
America Pacific, Arctic and Atlantic Glacier
Africa Atlantic and Indian
Antarctica Pacific, Atlantic and Indian
Europe Atlantic
Oceania Pacific and Indian

Check Countryaah for lists of countries on each continent.

Industry by nation

Industry is an economic activity that involves the production of goods or services. It is one of the main sources of income for a country, as it generates employment opportunities and wealth for its citizens. Industry can be divided into three main sectors: primary, secondary and tertiary. The primary sector includes activities such as agriculture, fishing and mining, whereas the secondary sector involves manufacturing activities such as automotive production and food processing. The tertiary sector consists of service-oriented activities such as banking, retail, healthcare and education.

Industry is a key component in the development of a nation’s economy as it creates jobs, boosts productivity and provides a source of income for its citizens. Therefore, governments around the world strive to promote industrialization in order to increase their economic growth rate. Industrial development is also essential for countries to keep up with technological advances and remain competitive in the global market. By promoting investment in industry, governments can create jobs while simultaneously improving their citizens’ quality of life by providing better infrastructure and services. Furthermore, industrialization also helps to reduce poverty by providing employment opportunities for people living in rural areas who may otherwise lack access to other sources of income.

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